Yearly Moving Report Indicates a Trend of People Leaving Colorado


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Someone once said of Yosemite Valley: “The beauty of this place will be its demise.” The same may soon prove true for the Rocky Mountain state of Colorado.

Most van lines won’t be coming out with their 2017 migration numbers for another month, but this Denver Post analysis of 2016 figures from the U.S. Census Bureau paints an unsure picture of the Mile High’s future growth. And it may be an emerging trend in where people are moving to and from.

The Post interviews several people to get an idea of why the number of people leaving Colorado is on the rise. An increase in traffic, rising costs of living, unsatisfactory employment opportunities and even a changing political climate are among the recurring themes. The recent legalization of marijuana is another cited issue for at least one man trying to raise his family in Denver. (Are you listening, Oregon?)


It shouldn’t be too hard to see the dynamic at work here. A place like Colorado has all the makings of a great setting for a new life. Slowly, then quickly, the word gets around about how wonderful (and cheap, and peaceful and friendly etc.) this place is, and soon it’s not only popular, but trendy to move there.

With such a set of circumstances, it almost seems inevitable that you’d end up with what Colorado, specifically Denver, is now experiencing. More people means more traffic; an increased demand for housing pushes up home costs and rent levels; and a larger workforce leads to a shift toward lower wages across the employment landscape.

So what about states that have been at the top of the immigration charts in recent years? Last year we talked about the red-hot housing market in Portland, Oregon. At the time, there seemed to be no slow-down in sight. But how much air can you blow into a balloon before it bursts?

The numbers we get from the van lines next month might give us a clue.

Top 10 Helpers Celebrate at HireAHelpers HQ


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10 years, 10 Helpers, 10 Call Service Representatives.

A trio of celebrations was recently held on HireAHelper’s “Top 10 Helper Day”, HireAHelper’s 10 year aniverssary event that doubled as a summit of some of the best people working in the moving industry today.

A Contest for Movers

Rigo’s Moving Company being interviewed at HireAHelper headquarters.

Rather than just ordering a cake for the big “1-0”, HireAHelper used their milestone moment to shed light on the people who make the company possible: hardworking movers, as well as the people booking their jobs every single day.

Here’s how they did it: they asked Call Service Representatives (CSRs) to vote for their favorite movers in the HireAHelper network. Additionally, HireAHelper asked the movers to submit the names of their favorite CSRs, as moving companies interact with their call center day in and day out. In many cases, movers interact with various CSRs for years on end. Voting on both ends was based on professionalism, efficiency, helpfulness and ability

More than a thousand moving companies across the country were eligible. (Not to mention a few dozen phone operators.)

The voting was fierce and the lists were long. But after the votes were tallied, the top five moving companies on the list were invited to take part in a special event at HireAHelper headquarters in sunny San Diego, CA, which took place this month.

Top 10 Helper Day

One by one, the contest winners emerged into HireAHelper headquarters, each bringing with them unique backgrounds spread out across the United States. They also brought anecdotes regarding how they found out they had been named a top 10 moving company in the country.

Says Crystal Rocci out of Lakeland, Florida’s Family Movers, “(We) got the email and he’s shaking and I’m like, ‘Why are you shaking?’ And he hands me the phone…and I’m reading it and saying, ‘Honey, we made fourth place!'”

Movers also shared stories from their long journeys establishing themselves as major players in the moving world.

Family Movers receives their certificate.

There’s a lot of bad reputation in the industry,” says Carmen Ball, from Aurora, Colorado’s LeDoux Moving Solutions. “If you build a reputation, you know, you gotta ride on your reputation. You screw that up, you don’t stick around.

“That’s my name on my shirt. I am representing everything, not just the company, I am representing the family as well.”

Continues Ball, “There’s many small businesses where we are that have been in business 20 years and they don’t do what we do. But I really believe (in) focusing on reputation and integrity.

Winners pose with their certificates.

The theme of the day? Going the extra mile.

“Rigo is very passionate about what he does,” says Susana Avelino of Rigo’s Movers out of Los Angeles, the contest winning moving company. 

Martha Martin, also of Rigo’s Movers, echoes that sentiment. “(Rigo) wants everything perfect. If something happens, resolve everything. If something gets damaged, try and fix it.” To get this level of recognition, they stress that customers have to always feel safe and secure in their hands.

“Our guys always calm down the customer and say, ‘Okay, you’re in good hands. Let me do my job and let me wrap everything. We will fit it on your truck.'”

Prizes Galore

The Top 10 Helper ceremony was held in front of a big screen and among boxes of gourmet donuts, during which the top 10 Helpers and CSRs received recognition. All present Helpers received their certificates and cash prizes. Afterwards, a catered lunch of tacos and drinks awaited everybody outside.

On getting to meet with the top 10 CSRs that they’ve worked with for years, Rocci of Family Movers exclaims, “I was like, ‘Yes!’ I finally get to put some faces to some names! I talk to these super energetic people on the phone, and I’m like, ‘I thought I was the only person like that.’ [laughter]”

Top 10 Helper Day wasn’t the only place celebrations were held, however. The top 10 CSRs were assigned a Helper from the rest of the top 10 list and given free airfare, lodging, cash prizes, and the opportunity to award the rest of the top Helpers their certificates in person.

Jess and Camille, winning CSRs, visiting Top 10 Helper “Moving Texas” in Austin.

Says Camille, Helper Relations Specialist and a winning CSR,

“There is definitely something different about meeting a Helper in person, something significant about putting a face to a name that brings life to their voice the next time I work with them over the phone.”

Again and again, winners stressed the importance of community as a key to success.

Now with 2017 in the books and ten successful years behind them, HireAHelper is positioned to continue their impressive take over of the moving labor marketplace. And with the Top 10 Helper contest being such a hit with everybody that participated, hundreds of professional moving companies (and the passionate employees that fuel them) remind us that all continued success will have to go through them.

Rachel Ledoux of Ledoux Movers reiterates, “You can slam out a bunch of jobs and…walk away thinking that everything’s great, then come to find out later that they never took the time to find out if that customer was actually happy.

“You know, moving is more than just a business; It’s relationships.”

For a list of the top 10 Helper winners and their prizes, click here.

University President Loses Everything in Moving Truck Fire


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As the summer winds down, college students aren’t the only ones scrambling to get ready for the new school year. University professors and administrators have to sweat it out too. And no one, perhaps, has more to do than Timothy Mottet, the new president of Colorado State University in Pueblo.

After moving to southeast Colorado from Kansas City, MO, Mr. Mottet had everything he owned go up in flames on a highway in western Kansas.

Photo by John Jaques

“I’ve got a suit and a pen,” he tells us as he sits in his empty office, managing a smile for the camera.

We are told it is unknown why the truck hauling his and two other families’ goods caught fire in the early morning near Colby, KS, 250 miles from his new home. We do know that he lost pretty much everything. “I’m starting from scratch,” Mottet says. We also don’t know what type of coverage he had on his shipment, if any. But like anyone moving, there is a lot of irreplaceable stuff: photos, framed documents and tragically even a family member’s ashes are among the items he says are gone.

His misfortune has been met with an outpouring of kindness from the community. His new housekeeper, who so far hasn’t had much to clean in his empty house, brought him a load of stuff for his kitchen. He also says he hasn’t had to pay for a meal since arriving in town with his pen. “Everyone has just been incredibly generous,” Mottet says.

Meanwhile, in the midst of all the ups and downs, he still has a job to do, getting to know the ins and outs of his new domain and charting a course for his university’s future. Which is how it is for all our customers. People want to be moved so they can move on with things.

Stay Safe, Know Your Cargo

Movers everywhere: It’s crucial to know the types of things you cannot bring on a moving truck so this type of thing doesn’t happen. But if something does happen along the way, we can only hope that unfortunate customer is as gracious as Mr. Mottet.

Finish the summer up safe, ladies and gents.


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