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(This post offers a quick look at some good advice when renting a moving truck. Check out our Moving 101 guide for a complete guide to moving truck rental.)

Renting your own truck is the alternative to hiring a full service moving company. By renting your own truck, it will require a bit more work on your part but you will also be saving money.

There is a lot of information to take into consideration when it comes to renting a truck for your move. From picking the right rental truck company that fits your needs to considering the cost of fuel charges.

Some of the major things you will want to find out when choosing the right rental company is can you drop off the truck at a different location if you are making a long distance move. Find out what kind of insurance you should get through the rental company or what your own insurance covers. And what size truck you will need to make sure all your items will fit. There are several different truck rental companies to choose from.

  • Penske-Whether your needs are for households moves or business moves, Penske covers it all. With 40 years of growing business, Penske has more than 1,000 locations and 200,000 vehicles worldwide. With this, they guarantee rental trucks will be ready for pick up. Moving is a stressful time, so Penske is here to help make things as easy as possible, eliminating some of the stress. They are prepared and equipped for those unexpected events that may arise. With Penske, the customer can select a different pick-up and drop-off location for one-way trips or use the same location for round-trips.
  • Budget– Budget Truck Rental’s business is processed by a collection of over 2,800 locations, almost 1,100 employees, and about 30,000 trucks. The locations are comprised of corporate, dealer, and franchise offices. The trucks all under-go regular 10 point inspections to ensure a reliable and safe truck rental experience. The Budget moving truck organization maintains one of the most current truck fleets with trucks averaging between 2 to 2.5 years old. At Budget, you are able to do one way rentals or round trip rentals.
  • Ryder– Ryder currently has a fleet of almost 126,400 trucks; however, part of the fleet is used for commercial leasing contracts, and the rest – approximately 30,000 trucks – are rented out for moving individual customer items and furniture. Ryder has over 480 truck rental locations across North America and the UK with just over 28,000 employees. All Ryder trucks must be returned to the location they were picked up from. Several different truck sizes are offered.
  • Enterprise–  Helping your with your car rental for vacation needs or truck rentals for your household move, this is the company that has multiple options available. For commercial use, trucks can be reserved for daily, weekly, or even monthly basis and in any quantity from one truck to a fleet of several hundred. Whether your current vehicle is in the shop and you need a one day replacement or you need a delivery done, Enterprise can provide all types of trucks to cover your needs. Rental truck sizes range from cargo van to 24′ box truck.


Just remember, some things will change depending on which rental truck company you use so make sure to ask specific questions to the company directly.

-Who can drive the moving truck?
Usually require 2 forms of ID. Additional drivers can be added to rental agreement.

-What insurance should I get?
Each person must check with their own insurance company to see what is covered as far as renting a truck. If your insurance does not cover it, you can purchase insurance for an additional cost with the rental truck location. Each plan verifies depending on which rental company you are using.

-What if I need equipment?

You can rent or buy equipment with your rental truck.
-How do I pay for my rental truck?
If booking online, a major credit card may be required to hold your reservation.

-What size truck should I rent?

Size of Truck # of Rooms
26′ moving truck 4+ bedrooms
24′ moving truck 3-4 bedrooms
17′ moving truck 2-3 bedrooms
14′ moving truck 1-2 bedrooms
10′ moving truck apartment

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