Here Are HireAHelper’s Top 10 Moving Companies in the Country


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After ten years, thousands of moves, and who even knows how many saved dollars, HireAHelper has its first “Top 10 Helpers”.

To mark our 10 year anniversary, we challenged our amazing call center representatives to vote on the absolute best movers from our massive database of well over 1,000 across the country. The voting was based on the Helpers’ availability, professionalism and friendliness, among several other intangibles.

Throughout it all, the voting was fierce and the points list stretched out far. Hundreds of movers received passionate support. But in the end, these 10 Helpers pulled away as the most revered moving companies in the whole country.

Here is the final list for 2017:

#1. Rigo’s Moving Company – Los Angeles, CA
#2. Speed Loaders – Oceanside, CA
#3. LeDoux Moving Solutions – Aurora, CO
#4. Family Movers – Lakeland, FL
#5. Sebastian Moving – Apopka, FL
#6. Patriot One Movers – North Hollywood, CA
#7. Moving Texas – Austin, TX
#8. Zooming Moving – Salem, OH
#9. Harris Moving Company – French Camp, CA
#10. J&L Movers – Atlanta, GA

Besides monstrous bragging rights, the winners will receive a combination of paid travel and lodging for a special event at HireAHelper headquarters in San Diego, CA, cash prizes, and special event dinners!

First place:
• Travel + Hotel for two (2) to HireAHelper headquarters in San Diego, CA for a special event
• Special certificate: “Voted #1 Helper in the Nation”
• $1,000
Second Place:
• Travel + Hotel for two (2) to HireAHelper headquarters in San Diego, CA for a special event
• $500
Third Place:
• Travel + Hotel for two (2) to HireAHelper headquarters in San Diego, CA for a special event
• $250
Fourth and Fifth Place:
• Travel + Hotel for two (2) to HireAHelper headquarters in San Diego, CA for a special event

Finally, our sixth through tenth place winners will each have a scheduled day with a selected, contest winning call service representative to take promo pictures and attend a special, fancy dinner – all on us!

Our first ten years of HireAHelper could not have happened without your continued support, so we are thrilled for each and every one of you. Congratulations to all the winners, and we already can’t wait to see who makes next year’s list!


Old Dominion Freight Line Wants to Take You to the World Series


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How does 47,000 pounds minus 9,700 pounds divided by the weight of a baseball equal World Series tickets?

It’s all part of Old Dominion Freight Line’s “OD Seats to the World Series” guessing game sweepstakes, coming to a baseball stadium near you! (If you live near one of the MLB teams Old Dominion sponsors, that is.)

The trailer, with see-through Plexiglas windows on the sides, will travel from Miami up to the northeast, across to Chicago, down through Kansas City to Texas and all the way to Los Angeles. All along the way fans will get to see the trailer up close and take a stab at guessing how many baseballs there actually are in there. The winner will receive a pair of tickets to one game in each of the next three World Series. Sounds good to me.

Even if you can’t get out to the ballpark you can submit your best guess online. Just do it before August 31st! All the details are right here on

Good luck!

HireAHelper Celebrates 10 Years With Top 10 Helpers Contest


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It seems like only yesterday that the first Hybrid Move was put into action. Now, ten years later, saving people money through our vast network of professional movers happens hundreds of times a day.

And it’s all thanks to you.

To celebrate the company’s 10-year anniversary, HireAHelper is putting on a special contest that aims to highlight the best movers in the country. After the summer season ends, all Helpers in the HireAHelper network (that’s you!) will receive a special, account-linked survey to vote on their favorite call service representatives (CSR’s) that have helped you over the phone! Keep a list of the names of your top call people handy, because they’ll be doing the same – all CSR’s will be voting on their top 10 favorite Helpers in the network based on professionalism, availability and overall effectiveness.

Both top 10 lists will be revealed at the end of the summer. But it’s not just a regular ol’ list; Prizes will be awarded to all 10 of the Helpers and CSR’s, including one grand prize!

Details will be coming soon. But consideration begins right now. With the summer season in full swing, we cannot wait to see our Helpers making this one our best year yet!

-The HireAHelper Team


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