Where and Why Are Companies Moving?


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Why Are Companies Moving?

Behind a Company’s Move – Is the bottom line the only factor?

Thanks to this smartphone video of one company’s announcement of their moving operations to Mexico, coupled with a certain presidential candidate’s ongoing tirade against US businesses moving out of the US, there seems a growing element of discontent across the country with the priorities of businesses in general – priorities that place the bottom line ahead of the people whose work, ironically, allows there to be a bottom line.

Rather than join in the ruckus we decided to take a look at a handful of high-profile businesses that are presently on the move and see just what is behind their decisions to relocate. Why are companies moving? Turns out it’s not always a simple matter of increasing profits. (more…)

Corporate Relocations: What’s Trending and Who’s Spending?


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Corporate Relocation

Economists, analysts and regular people like us all tend to look at the housing market as a barometer for the overall health and direction of the economy. But for a more tailored, more accurate look at the state of our particular industry where can we look?

Atlas Van Lines, for starters.

Atlas has been compiling data for the past 47 years in an ongoing attempt to garner a clearer, deeper understanding of where the moving industry stands and where it is going. And their most recent reports are indicative of good things for the road ahead.

For those who want to sink their teeth into the details of their findings, Atlas offers a 171-page “downloadable PDF of key findings.” For the rest of us they highlight a few key points from their 2013 and 2014 reports.

  • In 2012 36% of surveyed firms saw an increase in corporate relocations. In 2013 that number jumped to 41%.
  • In 2012 30% of firms saw their relocation budgets increase; for 2013, despite the aforementioned increase in relocations, this number fell slightly to 29%.
  • International relocations fell overall, from about half of firms seeing an increase in 2012 to only 37% seeing an increase in 2013. Since relocations overall have increased, the number of domestic relo’s seem to have really jumped.
  • 6 out of 10 firms expected the 2012 numbers to remain stable in 2013. This year, “most” firms believe this year will play out similar to last.

Okay, so what?

So get ready, that’s what! Through all the various ups and downs the corporate world has seen a general upswing in relocations in the past two years. Interestingly, corporate budgeting for the same period has remained stable, a trend made possible by what Atlas calls (and what many others as well probably call) “creative budgeting.” This means companies are searching for more cost-effective avenues in the employee relocation process. Which means they’ll be looking for people like us.

HireAHelper is moving into the corporate relocation arena, with big plans to take a healthy slice of the revenue pie that is out there. Which means, of course, a fork in your hand and a full plate in front of you. If you’re interested in joining us and are qualified to handle these types of customers, please email [email protected]


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Survey Shows Most Move For New Jobs


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Moving for Business

A delicious offer to be a plant manager of a large baked goods company swayed the Taffer family to move from Kentucky to Oklahoma.

“My husband had tried a different avenue, but the food industry is in his blood,” says Wendy Harrison Taffer, who, along with the couple’s two hound dogs and some of her college-bound son’s stuff (so “he’ll have it when he visits the new home”), will soon be meeting up with her husband who has already relocated. “I’m a pediatric RN and after 25 years of marriage, it’s always easy for me to find a job.” This time around, her husband’s bliss was at stake, after all, she reasons. (more…)


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