Here Are the Movers Who Are Helping in Houston


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It’s not easy to just drop what you’re doing and drive to another part of the country. It’s even harder when you’re a mover in the last days of the busiest season of the year.

But when disaster strikes, people find a way to move. And movers find a way to help.

Thousands and thousands of people all across the country have dropped what they were doing to give something – anything – to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Among the most busy have been our storage and moving colleagues. Here we highlight some of their efforts and how they were able to get it done.


Two Men and a Truck

Greg Micklos of Pensacola, FL is no stranger to hurricanes. As a resident of North Carolina, he lived through a few of them. So when the owner of Pensacola’s Two Men and a Truck franchise saw what was happening in Southeast Texas, he knew he had to help.

Micklos quickly launched his “Truck4Texas” campaign on Facebook which, as he puts it, “took off like wildfire.”

“We’re working with a lot of different organizations,” he told the Pensacola News Journal, working to fill trucks to take to Texas. One of those organizations is a school called All American Twirlers run by Jana Williamson, who in 2004 lost her home, her car and everything else she owned when Hurricane Ivan swept through. 

Screenshot of Facebook Post, 2017

Micklos’s drivers, meanwhile, have been volunteering to drive to Texas on their own time – an admirably selfless move when you consider the slow season will soon be upon us and these weeks are the last window of opportunity to cash in on the peak summer season.

All My Sons Moving & Storage, Hilldrup Moving & Storage


Further down in Florida, All My Sons Moving & Storage is working with the Miami Dolphins, with three trucks loaded up and heading for their Gulf Coast neighbors. All My Sons already had a working relationship in place, so they were able to quickly capitalize on the opportunity to help out. A good lesson to you out there who aren’t already reaching out to community organizations.

But you don’t have to have buddies in the big leagues to lend a hand. Up the Atlantic coast, the minor league baseball team in Richmond, VA called the Flying Squirrels set up a collection drive at a recent game. And who is hauling all those donations down to Houston? The hometown Hilldrup Moving & Storage Company.

The Flying Squirrels may be the headline grabbers here, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is collecting whatever you can and getting it to the people who need it. If it helps to hook up with a notable name, go for it.


All That Matters

And if you don’t have that notable connection? You go for it anyway. Amanda Shay, owner of All That Matters in Little Rock, AK decided to fill up an 18-wheeler and, with a couple of her own men, head not for Houston, but “those small towns that nobody is really doing anything for.”


In the course of helping out, they ran into a bit of trouble themselves; First, when they weren’t able to unload their truck at their designated drop-off location in Louisiana, then later finding themselves in need of food and gas with everything around them closed or shut down thanks to Harvey.

It’s quite a story. Check out the All That Matters Facebook page to listen to Ms. Shay recount her experiences while she gives thanks to all the many people who helped her and her crew along the way. Clearly, her’s was not just a matter of driving somewhere, dropping stuff off and driving home.


Mayflower, Hungry Man Movers


Up in Illinois, two high school football rivals teamed up to collect 75,000 bottles of water at a Friday night matchup. And there to carry all that and more down the Mississippi Valley into Texas? A local Mayflower Van Lines agent.

Hungry Man Moving is not a national van lines agent, but that didn’t stop Snyder and Clay Clark from making the trip from Milwaukee with their own load of bottled water. “Canned Water for Kids actually contacted us,” said Hungry Man Moving staffer Amanda Malka. “They told us they could give us as much water as we need and as many times as we want, and take as much as we can carry.”

On their multiple trips, Hungry Man Movers were also taking diapers, wipes, formula and other much-needed supplies. “We advertised on Wednesday,” they told Fox6Now. “By Friday, the truck was full.”

Not bad for a couple of hungry men.

Naturally, there are stories like these from all over the country.

Some of them might even involve our HireAHelper community. So if any of you have a story to tell about how you were able to help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey, let us know! We’d all love to hear it.

And if you’re looking for a way – or another way – to help, check out this list by the American Logistics Aid NetworkOr go here and tell them where you are and what your company can do.

Are you somewhere near the Houston area? Here’s a list of ways to help out, including up to the minute and still very pertinent information on:

  • Shelter and relief
  • Disaster recovery
  • Rescue efforts
  • Shelter and supplies
  • Donations
  • Blood donation
  • Volunteering

If you have some info to share about how those of us in other parts of the country can pitch in, please share! Because even as the flood waters recede, the victims of Harvey will continue to need help.

A Trash Bag Is by Far the Most Useful Movehack Item. Here’s Why


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When you’re in the midst of a move, you may find yourself running to the store every other day to pick up supplies. It may seem like you can never have enough boxes, tape and packing paper, but there is another item you should add to your essentials list… trash bags!

This versatile item can be used in so many ways to help you move. Let’s review all of these trash bag hacks.

They’re Essential for Hanging Clothes

Instead of purchasing wardrobe boxes for your move, we suggest keeping your clothes on their hangers and protecting them with trash bags. All you have to do is take a stack of clothes off the rack and bring a trash bag from the bottom of the clothing up towards the hanger. Then, use the drawstring on your trash bag and tie it tight around the hanger. This will ensure that the bag doesn’t come off during transport. It’s the perfect garment bag hack! Bonus…buy those scented trash bags so your clothes smell fresh when you get to your new home!

Make a Simple Donation Section

Trash bags make it super easy to corral and easily identify all of the items you’re planning to donate. This is especially helpful when it comes time to clean out that stuffed wardrobe of yours! We suggest that you keep a trash bag in your closet in the months leading up to your move.  As you try on items that you no longer love, toss them into the this conveniently located trash bag. Little by little, the bags in your closets will start to fill up with donation items, and you won’t have to spend an entire weekend purging out your closets! Trust us, you won’t want to move any other way.

Trust us, you won’t want to move any other way.

Transport Your Plants Without the Mess

Plants are a tricky one to move because no one wants dirt all over their vehicle – so grab that handy dandy trash bag of yours and place the bottom of the plant inside. This ensures that the dirt doesn’t get all over and you can easily move your greenery to your new space. If you can though, keep the top of your plant out so it still gets lots of fresh air!

Wrap Unusual Objects Easily

When packing, you’re bound to run into items that will make you scratch your head and say, “How the heck do I pack that up?!” (Lamp shades are one of them.) How can you make sure your shade doesn’t get dirty and gross on its ride to your new pad? Well, use a trash bag to cover those unusual objects and keep them safe!

If It’s Anything Other Than Sunny, You’ll Need a Ton of Them

If you’re worried about special items getting wet during your move, we suggest using a trash bag inside your cardboard box. Simply put your precious items in a trash bag (books, papers, throw pillows, etc) and then put that bag inside the box! That way it’s got double protection from the elements.

And You Can Throw Your Away Trash (Duh!)

Okay, of course, you’ll need trash bags for trash. And you’ll probably have a lot more than usual when you’re packing up your home to move. Stock up on a lot of garbage bags and you’ll be set for this, and everything else on this list for the duration of your move.

It’s official: you need to head to your nearest Costco before your move and find the largest roll of trash bags you can find. Trust us!

Spring Cleaning Shortcuts for When You’re Super Busy


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It’s that time of year… spring cleaning time! We will admit that we actually love this springtime tradition. It’s a chance to get rid of old items, revitalize your space and make your home sparkle like new!

But what we don’t love is the amount of time it takes to thoroughly clean and organize your home from top to bottom. Just the thought of wasting a weekend indoors when it’s sunny and warm outside makes us a little bummed.

If you don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning, we suggest trying these spring cleaning shortcuts to get the job done quickly! (more…)

Do You Donate Your Old Appliances? You Should. Here Are the 3 Easiest Ways


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It all happened when we got new appliances for our kitchen. Never had I been more excited for a refrigerator, stove and dishwasher. The day our kitchen appliances were delivered, I eagerly ran home from work to check out my new beauties.

Then it happened. Yep, it’s official.



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