Hire A Helper’s New Beach Front Office Space


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Nothing against Riverside…

but it’s great to be on the beach!


We’re getting all settled in here at our new Hire A Helper office in Solana Beach, CA while trying very hard to ignore the sound of crashing waves on the beach a block away.

But just in case we need to have an emergency creativity surf meeting, the office comes complete with its own shower.  Not bad! I could make a joke here about a board meeting but I won’t.Shower

The ocean view isn’t much to complain about either. It’s amazing how much more inspired I am to get stuff done when I’m sitting this close to the ocean. Ok, maybe its more amazing that I can actually get something done sitting this close to the ocean. One thing’s for sure, after a long day of helping people hire helpers, its nice to walk across the street and shoot some hoops at the beach-side basketball court.

Mike tells me there’s a great taco stand down the street that we’re going to hit up for lunch today. Also in close proximity to our new office is VG Donut & Bakery, voted best donut in San Diego in a San Diego Magazine reader’s poll. Good thing I’m not going on a diet anytime soon…

Front Office

The office is cleverly hidden in an office complex that looks like it could have been an old beach front motel.

We’re still working on the interior decorating, but have the necessities: computers, desks, and of course – a well stocked mini-fridge.Mini Fridge


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