The Overseas Pet – How Do I Move My Pet Internationally?


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International Pet Moving Tips

The What, When and How on Moving Your Pet Internationally

First, why move your pet? Seems like a dumb question, doesn’t it? But there was a time not so long ago that an international move meant finding a new home for Rover. Not any more. Airlines across the board have improved pet travel over the years, making even a long distance move smooth for the whole family, particularly the four-legged members.

Since the enactment of the Safe Air Travel for Animals Act of 2000, airlines in the US have upped their game, making it safer than ever to put your pet on a plane. Still, moving a pet with you to another country is a decision you’ll have to make. Do your research and be sure a move is practical or even possible for your pet.

With all that’s entailed in an international move – and we know you’ve got a long list of things to do – it’s important to know and follow all the steps necessary to take your pet along with you on this adventure. (more…)

Keri’s Moving Checklist


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Okay, so our last moving checklist didn’t quite cover everything you’d need on a checklist if you were moving last minute, but it covered the big four. Our very own customer service superstar, Keri, wrote up the following definitively more comprehensive list of things to do to prepare for your move. This moving checklist is based on her extensive experience helping customers get ready for one of their most stressful life events. Here is Keri’s Moving Checklist.

Keri’s List of Things To Do Before Moving

This is a list of things I’d want to have completed so that the customer is organized prior to a loading helper arriving:

Photo Credit to Georgie R

No One Likes a Cold Shower

  • Call to Turn On Heat/Electricity at New Location – this can be one of the mistakes with the biggest repercussions. Many gas and electric companies take 2-3 business days to get a technician out to turn everything on and switch accounts to a new customer’s name. After a huge move into a new place, with lots of unpacking to do, no one wants to take a cold shower by candlelight (or smartphone flash light, the candles are probably packed up right?).
  • Write Up a Move Day Plan – Customers know their items best and what their needs are. So, it’s always a good idea for customers to compile a move day “to-do list” prior to their move date. This way, on moving day, when their brain is going in 100 directions they can review their pre-planned list to confirm all criteria are met.
  • Pack & Label By Room – All boxes should be packed and labeled properly according to what contents are inside and what room it belongs in. Color coding boxes or markers makes for a smooth move. Everything should be packed before the movers arrive.
  • Liquids in Bags – Pack all liquid items in a zip lock bag separately to avoid messes if/when they open.
  • Empty Drawers – Take out all items from dresser drawers, the entertainment center, end tables or kitchen drawers and place them into packed boxes.
  • Stack Boxes by Room – As you finish packing each box, organize them into piles by each room they’ll be going to in the new house.
  • Spread Out The Furniture Pads – Each piece of furniture should have a furniture pad placed on top, helping the truck loaders take less time organizing materials.
  • Have Tape Ready – Have a stack of tape easily accessible for the helpers to use if/when needed.
  • Rope and Tie Downs – All straps and rope should be tidy and ready for use within the portable storage container/truck.
  • Disassemble Furniture – Make sure all furniture is broken down – i.e. bed frames, desks, entertainment stands, break front china cabinets. It’s true that most moving crews can disassemble for you, but it’ll stall their momentum and slow down the whole load.
  • Furniture Pulled Away from Walls – This will make it so much easier for the helpers to place the furniture onto dollies and wheel to the truck (not completely needed but if you can, then doing this will cut down on time).
  • Prep Sofas – Prepare all sofas for moving – make sure the “legs” are removed and placed into a plastic bag that is labeled and placed into a box labeled “open first.”
  • Clear Walkways – Make sure no items are left on stairs or in tight hallways, impeding traffic (no twisted ankles are needed).
  • Disconnect Appliances – Be sure that the washer/dryer are already unhooked and blankets or packing kits are inside both drums for transportation.

PLEASE NOTE – Customers storing furniture for a long time or moving in areas with high humidity should NOT use plastic wrap on upholstered furniture. This should only be used on wood furniture if needed. This is because black mold will grow on the items that can not breath due to the plastic wrap.

Moving Internationally: A Baker’s Dozen To-Do List


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by MelB

The Eiffel Tower

So you’ve been searching for a long time to find that perfect place to live. Maybe your goal was to find the cheapest place to live and staying in the United States just no longer made sense. As great as you believe it will be, moving out of the country is a challenge for even the most enthusiastic adventurist. In order to lend you a hand with your international move, we have prepared a short list of 13 things (a baker’s dozen) you can do to organize this exciting project. Think of it as a jumping off point before you reach the real jumping off point. These are things that you may want to put on your to-do list as you get ready to press the start button. Or print this out and check off the empty check box next to each item as you progress through your move.

  Household Inventory

Take inventory throughout your house and get rid of stuff that is no longer useful to you. Please consider giving those items to a charity and help someone else in the process.


International customs will want to know everything you are importing, make a descriptive list of what you pack into boxes and label (number) the boxes so you know (more…)


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