Real Local Crime Blotters: Movers Edition


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Lexington, Massachusetts

Saturday, Feb. 25

3:55 p.m.: A caller from Burlington Street reported a suspicious black van parked in their driveway. When Lexington Police arrived, it was found that the van belonged to the moving company which helped the caller move into their home.

Meanwhile, the movers were on the phone with police to report a suspicious individual lurking in the house they were moving furniture into…



Brockton, Massachusetts

Sunday, February 26th

Officer Amanda O’Shea took a report in the lobby of the Scituate police station from a Scituate fisherman who had just come in from pulling his traps and had a box of lobsters intended for sale at the town pier. The fisherman said he had put the box of lobsters in the rear refrigeration unit of a Mullaney’s truck that was at the town pier.

As he pulled away to moor his boat he saw a moving truck pull up beside the Mullaney’s truck. Footage from Area surveillance cameras showed two occupants of the moving truck getting out and approaching the Mullaney’s truck. One of the men was then seen going to the rear of the moving truck before both occupants got back into their truck and drove away. Goodbye lobsters.

Upshot: Both men ended up turning themselves in, were released on $500 bail and are due back in court in April.

Rumor has it they don’t even like lobster.


Des Moines, Washington

One Sunny Sunday, 2016

An employee at a Des Moines storage and moving facility alerted authorities after discovering more than two tons of illegal fireworks in a shipping container earlier this week.

Federal, state and local and local agencies searched the scene and uncovered 131 boxes of consumer fireworks – including artillery shells, cakes fountains and aerials.

These type of fireworks are illegal and require a fireworks import license, the State Fire Marshal’s Office said.

The containers were being moved from Olympia to Honolulu.

131 boxes. More than two tons. That’s more than 30 pounds of stuff that can explode per box. Talk about heavy artillery.


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