Portable Toilet Falls off Truck


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All right guys, time to be childish and immature! Normally we strive to keep it clean here at HireAHelper, but when a story like this comes along we simply have to make an exception.

The incident happened on the Cromwell-Clyde Rd about 6km from Cromwell about 1.40pm.

The health and safety manager for the company transporting the portaloo, who preferred not be named, said one of three empty portaloos fell from the truck and bounced into a rental car following behind.

The windscreen was smashed but the two occupants were uninjured, she said.

Luckily, this had a happy ending.

“The portaloos were empty. There was no faecal matter,” she said.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were incorrect with initial reports.

“There wasn’t any mess that required the Fire Service to clean up,” she said.

True, this could have been a lot messier than it was. Still, this incident in New Zealand deserves a few good comments. So feel free to let one rip! (In the comments section below, we mean.)

“Let Meowt!”: Cat Gets Shipped in a Box for a Week and Survives


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Someone let the cat out of the…box.

We all know about those items that shouldn’t be put on a truck. “Unallowables” we call them. But this particular item that got accidentally loaded up and taken away belongs in an entirely different category – one that should have its own name. We’re thinking “unmeowables”. If you guys have a better suggestion let us know.

The owners of the unlucky cat regarding this episode:

“We couldn’t find him.  Every time we went out, we called his name to see if he would come in,” said Joyce. The family lives next to a wooded area and braced for the worse, believing he may have been killed by a wild animal…

…I got a phone call from the moving company, and he goes, ‘I have a strange question for you. Are you missing a cat?’ I said, ‘Yes we are.’ He said, ‘Well, we found it,” said Joyce. “I almost started crying. I was so ecstatic when they asked me.”

Accidents happen, but some accidents are more preventable than others. Movers? Let’s keep those eyes and ears open! Seriously.


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