How to Move in a Galaxy Far Far Away: Moving Tips From Star Wars


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star wars graphic

With The Force Awakens raking in over $2 billion worldwide, it’s pretty clear that people have Star Wars fever. So we figured it was a good time to share some moving tips from the epic franchise. Because if they can move from planet to planet, then you can totally handle a move to a nearby neighborhood. No force needed. (more…)

Real People: A Crosstown Chicago Move


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Box and TruckI believe that every move has its challenges. Whether you’re moving across town, or across the US, boxing up your entire life and transporting it to another location can be rough. My last move falls into the former category, as my husband and I had to move less than 5 miles from our apartment to a newly purchased condo. Even though this was the shortest moving distance we’ve ever tackled (check out our St. Louis to Chicago move here), it was still an exhausting process. (more…)

7 Tips for Saving Money When Relocating


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These Are The Money Saving Moving Tips You’ve Been Looking For

No matter how you slice it, moving is expensive. According to Worldwide ERC, a workforce mobility association, the average cost of transporting household goods in 2012 stood at $12,459. But just because moving isn’t cheap, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save. Employ these seven tips to save money when relocating.

Tips for a Moving Container Move


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Tips for a Moving Container MoveAbout a year ago, my husband and I packed up all of our belongings and moved from St. Louis to our current apartment in Chicago.  We rented a PODS container and we used HireAHelper for the “muscle” portion of our move. I’m not saying it was a good time, because is moving ever really fun? But it actually wasn’t too incredibly painful, and we both lived to tell the tale. In fact, we detailed our moving escapade right here on the HireAHelper blog. (more…)

Real People: What if a HireAHelper Employee Used HireAHelper For Their Move?


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Like every customer service representative at HireAHelper, I have assisted many – no, countless – no wait, an insane amount of customers looking for last minute help with their move. I’ve often questioned why anyone would wait so long to organize their move or to make sure the appropriate help they needed was confirmed.

My question was answered when my own moving plan took an unfortunate turn. After plans to have family and friends assist me fell through, I was stuck with a house full of heavy furniture and only me to move it (and in case you weren’t aware, I am not the Incredible Hulk). The kicker? My move was the NEXT day! So on Friday February 7th (the day before my move), I began searching for a moving truck and some help to load it. (more…)

Real People: Last Minute Moving Tips


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Picture of Shiromi A.Today’s Real People post is from Shiromi A. of Seattle, WA. If you’re a dedicated follower of our antics here at the HireAHelper Blog, you might recognize Shiromi’s name. That’s because this is her second Real People story (she’s moved a lot!). Her first story was about her pod container move with a head-to-head comparison of PODS shipping containers vs. ABF U-Pack ReloCubes. Today Shiromi shares some helpful last minute moving tips from her first hand experience using cheap movers and the wrong size Penske moving truck.

When my husband and I moved to Seattle, we were ready to settle down. While we rented a duplex, we went on the “great house hunt,” eventually finding one we loved. Unfortunately it was a short sale. Everything took so long that we barely made our closing date. Our mortgage broker had to rush the paperwork, and we didn’t know when we were getting the keys until just a couple of days prior to moving in.

Pic of Last Minute Moving Tips Seattle Banner

Well, we ended up closing at the end of the month, in July, with just two days notice. Everything was boxed up and ready to go, but booking a mover in the middle of summer ended up being a lesson in what not to do. (more…)

How Should I Prepare For My First Move?


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First time moving? Awesome. I’ve moved a few times and luckily the excitement of the next, new phase makes up for all the work involved in moving process! The one good thing about having a few moves under my belt is that I now have a pretty good idea of how to prepare and what to expect. Hopefully the lessons I learned the hard way will benefit you in some small way.


Start Early – Financial

The first thing I would say is to begin planning ahead by a couple months. Start putting away some extra cash for the expense.  Moving is not cheap, even if you handle all the labor yourself. When you move into a new place, there are tons of fees like your new rent payment and deposit as well as all the other deposits required for the electric, gas, and internet companies. And if you’re not doing all the labor yourself, consider the cost of your movers and rental truck. Start your research of moving labor and trucks early so you can budget enough to get it all done.

Assess Your Needs: If you will need help loading and unloading your truck, how many movers and how much stuff do you have to load? And if you don’t happen to own a moving truck, how large of a truck will you need to rent? These two things are the main issues to consider when planning this aspect of your move.  Here are two sweet help guides from Hireahelper if you have no idea what you will need:

Truck Size Guide

Labor Guide

Unexpected costs: Once you figure out how many movers and what size truck you’ll need, you can begin to think about all the other costs that are often after thoughts! For instance, make sure to ask your mover what kind of fees they charge for insurance, packing materials, and other fees for flights of stairs and carrying loads to your truck if you can’t get your truck right by the front door. These questions will help you get a full picture of exactly how much everything will cost, instead of being surprised by extra fees later on. By getting a jumpstart on saving for your move, you won’t have to stress about the costs at the time of your move!

boxes boxes

 Start Early – Packing

Another thing you can start about a month in advance is packing prep. Think of the materials you’ll need – boxes, paper/cloths/peanuts used to keep breakables safe, markers for labeling, packing tape, etc. Plot out how you will pack and organize your things. Packing things up according to rooms is a great way to organize. Box and label. No matter how big or small of a place you have, it always seems to take longer than you think. So give yourself time and invite a friend or two to help! Crank the music and get started. As you begin packing and organizing, you’ll probably run across things you haven’t used in a year (or five). If you can let go of these things, you just have that much less to pack and carry! Moving is a great time to purge.


Create a Checklist and Timeline

In the beginning stages, creating a checklist and timeline will help keep you organized through the process. You can list hiring movers and even include each room and the goal for when you want it to be packed by. Setting up a timeline will help you maintain some sanity as you go.

Here are a few things you don’t want to forget on your list: Call the electric, gas, internet, phone, satellite/cable companies to switch your address. You don’t want to be without electricity at your new place or continue to receive a bill at your old residence. These aren’t difficult things to do but they are easily lost in the shuffle. Write them down on your “to do” list.  In addition to those changes, make sure you call any other important companies to let them know about your change of address – Post Office, magazines/newspapers, insurance companies, and anything else you can think of.  Fill in the blank! Or, if that sounds too time consuming or complicated, checkout They offer a service that changes your address and updates any subscription services you have with your new address.


Survival Kit!

Last, but not least, make sure you pack a survival kit for your first week at your new place. Unless you are superhuman, you probably won’t unpack all your things the very day you move in. So pack a couple suitcases or boxes of everything you’ll need during those first few days – daily vitamins, a pillow, blankets, clothes, phone charger, laptop, alarm clock, toiletries, silverware, plate, glass, and snacks (unless you plan to eat out until you unpack kitchen items!). I’m sure you can add to this “necessities” list! Everyone has their own specific list of needs.  Like for me, I would need my nespresso machine and a coffee cup!

These are the few things I’ve learned about packing and moving over the years. I’d love to hear the things you’ve learned from your own moves! What is the top tip you’ve picked up about moving? Share them below!

About the Author: Victoria grew up in rural Nebraska but has lived in Iowa, Hawaii, China, and Montana. She aspires to move somewhere warmer after grad school! At the moment, she works for HireAHelper and lives vicariously through her co-workers who live in Southern California.

(Photo Courtesy: Peretz Partensky, 401(K) 2012, Becky Stern, Chris Potter, and Jeff Keyzer

Local Truck Rental


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(This post offers a quick look at some good advice when renting a moving truck. Check out our Moving 101 guide for a complete guide to moving truck rental.)

Renting your own truck is the alternative to hiring a full service moving company. By renting your own truck, it will require a bit more work on your part but you will also be saving money.

There is a lot of information to take into consideration when it comes to renting a truck for your move. From picking the right rental truck company that fits your needs to considering the cost of fuel charges.

Some of the major things you will want to find out when choosing the right rental company is can you drop off the truck at a different location if you are making a long distance move. Find out what kind of insurance you should get through the rental company or what your own insurance covers. And what size truck you will need to make sure all your items will fit. There are several different truck rental companies to choose from.

  • Penske-Whether your needs are for households moves or business moves, Penske covers it all. With 40 years of growing business, Penske has more than 1,000 locations and 200,000 vehicles worldwide. With this, they guarantee rental trucks will be ready for pick up. Moving is a stressful time, so Penske is here to help make things as easy as possible, eliminating some of the stress. They are prepared and equipped for those unexpected events that may arise. With Penske, the customer can select a different pick-up and drop-off location for one-way trips or use the same location for round-trips.
  • Budget– Budget Truck Rental’s business is processed by a collection of over 2,800 locations, almost 1,100 employees, and about 30,000 trucks. The locations are comprised of corporate, dealer, and franchise offices. The trucks all under-go regular 10 point inspections to ensure a reliable and safe truck rental experience. The Budget moving truck organization maintains one of the most current truck fleets with trucks averaging between 2 to 2.5 years old. At Budget, you are able to do one way rentals or round trip rentals.
  • Ryder– Ryder currently has a fleet of almost 126,400 trucks; however, part of the fleet is used for commercial leasing contracts, and the rest – approximately 30,000 trucks – are rented out for moving individual customer items and furniture. Ryder has over 480 truck rental locations across North America and the UK with just over 28,000 employees. All Ryder trucks must be returned to the location they were picked up from. Several different truck sizes are offered.
  • Enterprise–  Helping your with your car rental for vacation needs or truck rentals for your household move, this is the company that has multiple options available. For commercial use, trucks can be reserved for daily, weekly, or even monthly basis and in any quantity from one truck to a fleet of several hundred. Whether your current vehicle is in the shop and you need a one day replacement or you need a delivery done, Enterprise can provide all types of trucks to cover your needs. Rental truck sizes range from cargo van to 24′ box truck.


Just remember, some things will change depending on which rental truck company you use so make sure to ask specific questions to the company directly.

-Who can drive the moving truck?
Usually require 2 forms of ID. Additional drivers can be added to rental agreement.

-What insurance should I get?
Each person must check with their own insurance company to see what is covered as far as renting a truck. If your insurance does not cover it, you can purchase insurance for an additional cost with the rental truck location. Each plan verifies depending on which rental company you are using.

-What if I need equipment?

You can rent or buy equipment with your rental truck.
-How do I pay for my rental truck?
If booking online, a major credit card may be required to hold your reservation.

-What size truck should I rent?

Size of Truck # of Rooms
26′ moving truck 4+ bedrooms
24′ moving truck 3-4 bedrooms
17′ moving truck 2-3 bedrooms
14′ moving truck 1-2 bedrooms
10′ moving truck apartment

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