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We’re always working on ways to make moving easier. Now, one of the biggest ways is live in your Helper Account.

Introducing new and improved Helper Scheduling and Availability! By popular demand, you can now personalize your moving availability schedule by the hour, so customers can know exactly when you are (and aren’t) available. Your exact schedule is now visible at just a glance! Here’s the rundown:

  • Block hours on your calendar on the Scheduling page
  • Hourly availability now displays on your helper cards
  • Customers can only select start times during available hours

Don’t Be Booked When You Don’t Want to Be

Need to block off a few hours of a day without having to mark the whole date as not available? Seamlessly pick and choose what hours you’re free by clicking on “Scheduling” in your Helper Account, then selecting “block off time“. You’ll then see your blocked time range in a new, light pink block on your calendar.

Also, accepting a job will automatically give you the ability to block off those specific hours, plus any additional hours after the job that are needed. Accidentally mark the wrong time? Change your mind? Don’t worry, you can still change your schedule instantly at any time on your calendar!

Your Business, Your Hours

Your Helper card and company page on now displays your up-to-date working hours to all customers searching for movers in their area.

This means more flexibility, less time on the phones and way happier customers! The customer’s Order Details page has also been updated to automatically limit your hours and arrival times that are selectable based off of what you mark, meaning you now have complete control over all aspects of your day.

Please note that your availability will be displayed based on total working hours, not start times, and that no time periods fewer than 2 hours will be displayed to the customer.

We’ve also added the ability to note which crew members you’re sending to each job. Watch for a future update that will automatically update your availability based off of your crew member numbers.

We’re thrilled to be pushing out this update to all Helper Accounts, which is live starting today! With the new hourly blocking feature, you’ll have total control of your business, and more jobs when you actually want them.

Questions? Ask us in the comments below.

Go update your availability now!


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