‘Move For Hunger’ Saved 2.4 Million Pounds of Food From People Moving in 2017


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Move For Hunger is a charitable organization dead-set on fighting two unbelievable stats: 42 million Americans (many children) are food insecure, and 40% of all food grown, processed and transported in the United States is wasted.

Move For Hunger recently released their annual report. Inside, it dissects the way both of those statistics are being brought down simply by

connecting the dots. What they target hits home for us as, unfortunately, a huge chunk of food loss occurs during peoples’ moves. From Adam Lowy, their executive director:

Our network, which now includes 840 moving companies, delivered 2.4 million pounds of food last year, more than we ever have before. We organized a record number of food drives, which helped to raise awareness about hunger in hundreds of communities all across the United States and Canada. We launched our Apartment Community Program, and provided thousands of renters in Seattle and San Francisco with the opportunity to donate their food when they move. And, in the final days of December, we recorded another major milestone by delivering our 10 millionth pound of food.

To recap their 2017, that’s:

  • 840+ movers now contributing
  • 300,000 pounds of food going to victims of hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico
  • 4,899 pounds of food saved from apartment communities
  • 4,536 pounds of food saved from corporate housing
  • 204,153 pounds of food from racing events

All of that good comes in addition to the plethora of personal donations that have come their way, both of food and currency. And the best part about helping them to connect the dots is that you have to do next to nothing to join in. Just ask your mover if you can donate the extra food from your pantry.

You can check out this video to see how Move For Hunger works.

Back on Track: The Movers Behind the Boston Marathon


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An Altogether Moving Experience

The recently-run 118th Boston marathon was a triumph of community spirit and strength. For Gentle Giant Movers it was business as usual.

Gentle Giant has been providing logistics support for the race for the past eighteen years; this month they transported the elite wheelchairs to the starting line in Hopkinton, loaded and delivered a quarter of a million pounds of food, equipment and supplies to the finish line at Boylston Street and handed out water and bananas to runners as they completed the 26.2-mile course.

What sort of road races or other sporting events are happening in your area? Are there any upcoming community events where you can get involved and lend a hand? With the busy season fast approaching your first concern might not be volunteering your precious time, but do be on the lookout for ways to get your good name out there.

On a side note, we heard that this year, due to security concerns, no clothing or gear was transported from start line to finish line for the runners – everything left at the starting line would be donated to charity. This, apparently, resulted in a fair percentage of racers showing up in some pretty tatty and outdated duds. Even so, nice job in turning a negative into a positive.


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