Mover Saves Man’s Life in Florida


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Different customers need different things. Some need you to take extra care of the glass-top dining room table that has been in the family for eleven generations. Some need you to keep out of the flower beds – and will stand on the porch to make sure you do. Some need an hour to go over the paperwork before they sign anything. Some need to be reassured every ten minutes that yes, you will be packing up the drapes for them.

Then there is the occasional customer who needs you to save their life.

Unfortunately, we haven’t discovered any footage of the actual event as it unfolded. But from what we gather from CBS News 12, Michael Morgan from Two Men and a Truck may very well have saved Morton Trugman’s life when he kept him from tumbling down a long staircase at the Windward Palms Retirement Community in West Palm Beach, Florida.

According to, Morgan sprang into action after seeing 84-year-old Morton Trugman begin to lose consciousness at the top of these stairs in the lobby at the retirement home.

“I saw him, he just ran up the stairs, he took like ten steps and kind of scooped, basically saved his life,” said Emilio Faella, Windward Palms Enrichment Coordinator.

Morgan just says he was glad to be there at the right time.

But he wasn’t just there. He was paying attention – not to his shoes, not to his phone, but to the people and things around him. Those customers with the glass-top tables, the drapes, the flower beds and the paperwork issues are usually really good at telling us – again and again – exactly what they need. But there’s always the possibility a customer can’t give us that heads up. Let’s hope it never happens, but hey, it pays to pay attention.

It also helps to be able to run up stairs really fast.


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