Take Two: House Movers Get Stuck in the Middle of the Road AGAIN

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The sequel is rarely as good as the original, but Austin Home Movers are giving it a shot.

Last October they got this house stuck among the trees and branches lining in the middle of a residential street in south Austin. Unable to get a permit to cut the trees, they decided to cut the house instead.

Now they’re back, blocking traffic just north of Austin in an all-new predicament.

Hauling a house around a sharp bend on a quiet two-lane road in the Austin suburb of Leander, the trailer being used apparently suffered a broken axle, causing a couple of wheels to come loose. From there it seems the house slid right off the side of the trailer, coming to rest partway on the grass along the left side of the road.

Let’s survey what they were up against: The home looks about 50 feet long. The tractor’s right tires are on the grass. The rear of the trailer is clear over on the left side of the road, early on along the curve, effectively blocking the entire road, though a look on Google Maps suggests there isn’t much traffic there on Rock Cliff Drive.

Predictably, it didn’t go so well. And it would take a lot of work – and some help from a nearby business with some heavy equipment – to get that damaged house up and moving again.

To add insult to injury, the damage from the incident was not limited to the outside of the house. It seems a certain amount of owner Jesse Husemann’s belonging inside the house was damaged in the mishap as well. This because, as Husemann explains, “everything that was in the center of the house where (the house mover) told me to put it ended up slamming into that wall.”

Wow. Anyone ever hear of loading a moving truck by piling everything up in the middle? 

Neighborhood resident John Sargent says he’s seen a few accidents along that curve and thinks that guard rails need to be installed to prevent more.

Meanwhile, city planners are busy installing guard rails along the entire route of Austin Home Movers’ next job. Probably, anyway.


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