The 12 Best DIY Posts of 2016

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Before we officially close out 2016, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane with the ultimate #TBT.

Just like we did in 2015, we are taking time to look back on the year by highlighting our favorite moving posts from 2016. We’re so grateful to be DIY contributors here at HireAHelper and we feel honored for the opportunity to share DIY projects and simple tricks to turn your new house into your home sweet home.

So without further ado, here are our favorite posts from 2016, each designed to make your next move an AWESOME one!

1. How to incorporate Chip & Joanna’s Fixer Upper style into your home


Who doesn’t love Chip and Joanna … and more importantly, who doesn’t want to live in a home that was designed by this talented duo?! If you love their style as much as we do, you do NOT want to miss these tips for injecting Chip and Joanna’s style into your home!

2. The “Smart Home” Series


Some people want to include smart technology into their homes, but they just don’t know where to start, don’t know what to buy and could definitely use advice from an expert. The Smart home series answers ALL of these questions and more so that even a rookie can start incorporating smart home technology. Check out this fancy list.

3. The 5 ways to help your friend move (without lifting anything)


We’re all eager to be great friends and help out with their next move, however, it’s not always feasible to expect that your friends are going to do the heavy lifting. We decided to leave the lifting to the pros and compiled a list of things friends can do to help without lifting anything!

4. Does paint ever go on sale?i_heart_paint_organization

Spoiler Alert: IT DOES!! Paint is expensive so make sure you know when it goes on sale so you can get the most bang for your buck.

5. 10 ways to prep your home for an open houseHow to Prep for an Open House

Are you hosting an open house? Here are the top 10 QUICK things you need to do before opening the doors and hopefully finding the buyer of your dreams!

6. One project that will instantly add curb appealdoors

What does the color of your front door say about you? Check of this post and find out if your door color matches you and your family’s personality!

7. Non-traditional housewarming gifts that deserve an applauseHousewarming-gift-home-sweet-home

Looking for a quick and creative gift to give the new homeowners in your life? You don’t want to miss this list of non-traditional housewarming gifts!

8. Getting connected to your new neighbors in a digital worldwoman-smartphone-girl-technology

Meeting neighbors and getting up-to-date on what’s going on in the neighborhood can be hard, especially for busy families on the move. This post highlights an app that makes these connections and finding this neighborhood news a whole lot easier!

9. The absolute FIRST project you should tackle in your new home


Seriously, this is one project you don’t want to miss. And the faster you get to it, the better … trust us!

10. Can I take {insert item here} when I move?!

Have you ever wondered if that light fixture, refrigerator, bathroom mirror, or those window treatments had to stay when you moved? This post answers those questions while giving a few tips along the way!

11. The 5 things to OVERLOOK when house huntingmaster-bedroom-green-augusta-before

There are lots of things that are an instant deal breaker when buying a new home or condo, but there a few things that you should overlook when searching for your new home. Check out this list to see how your deal breakers measure up!

12. Kitchen Trends in 2016


Two toned cabinets, open shelving, tiling all the way up to the ceiling … just to name a few of the many gorgeous trends in kitchen design this year. How does your kitchen match up to this list?

Now you tell us, what was your favorite post of 2016?


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