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The 5 Hippest DIY Displays for your Holiday Cards

Posted in: I'm Moving, Seasonal & Holidays

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, we’re guessing your holiday cards are beginning to roll in. Isn’t receiving snail mail just the best? There’s just something magical about opening up your mailbox to find personalized letters just for you.

But don’t let it be one and done: keep that magical feeling going by displaying your cards in unique ways around your home. If you’re looking for a new way to showcase all of your holiday cards, then today’s post is just for you!

1. Use a Chicken Wire Framestockings-christmas-card-display

This is the way we both display cards in our homes and we love it because you can really load it up! Just find a chicken wire frame, gather lots of clothespins and wait for the holiday cards to roll in. You can then decorate it further with stockings or even with a fresh wreath.

2. Try an Old Shuttershutterboard-card-display

We cleaned up this old shutter and used it to display cards a few years back. It’s such an affordable and unique way to showcase those special holiday cards. You can use push pins or small clothespins to attach the snail mail right on there, and it looks so fun and hip.

3. Work with Washi Tape

Washi tape is the absolute best because it doesn’t leave any marks or residue on your walls; It just comes right off incredibly easily! Get some festive washi tape from the store and get creative framing the cards onto your walls.

4. Create a Booklet


Each year we gather all of our cards and create a booklet to commemorate the year. We like to put these books from year’s past out on our coffee tables so we can enjoy them all season long. Yep, 2014 is still rockin’ it on our coffee table. If you want to create your own this year, check out this post for a step-by-step tutorial.

5. Make a Christmas Card Wreath

This is such a cute and crafty idea for displaying your Christmas cards, not to mention extremely affordable. Use festive clothespins and create a DIY wreath to pinch each card all the way around. Makes you wonder how you hadn’t thought of it before!

Inspired? Let’s deck those halls and show off all of your pretty cards this holiday season!

Psst.. still looking for the perfect holiday card to send this year? Check out this post for lots of great ideas!



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