The Absolute First Project to Tackle in your New Home

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Today, we’re giving you a DIY project that every single person should complete when they move into a new home. Yes, every.single.person. We don’t care if you rent, or just purchased your own little slice of real estate, this is a task that everyone should tackle if they’re moving into a bathroom that isn’t brand, sparkling new.


You should change out the toilet seats in the bathrooms.

Not exactly the most glamorous task, but we will say that it’s incredibly simple and won’t set you back much money. Toilet seats really only last about 6-10 years, and if you’re renting, we’re guessing that your landlord probably hasn’t thought about changing the seats in your unit. And if you own, this project is an easy way to start making upgrades around every inch and cranny of your new pad. Plus, why not add new seats that only you & yours have sat upon?

Trust us, upgrading your porcelain throne is an easy, and worthwhile project. Here’s what you’ll need to get the job done.


  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • New Toilet Seat


Rookie Tip: Toilet seats come in two sizes….round & oblong/elongated. Be sure to measure the length of your bowl before heading to the store for new ones. Measure from the screws at the back of the bowl area to the front of the bowl. Round = 16.5 inches. Elongated = 18.5 inches.

Step 1


After you gather your supplies and purchase new toilet seats (side note: there are some really cool seats on the market these days. Like removable ones for cleaning and ones with a soft close! #whoknew), it’s time to get started. The first thing you need to do is to just remove your old toilet seat. Lift up the flaps on the backside of your toilet and unscrew the bolts. Your seat will be off in seconds.

Step 2


Now’s the time to give your toilet a good scrub down! With the seat removed it should be easy to get in there and clean out every nook and cranny. We’re guessing there’s plenty of grossness built up from years of the seat being there (ew), so now’s the easiest time to get it all fresh & clean!

Step 3


Your new toilet seat will come with a particular set of directions & parts, but here’s how we installed ours:

toilet-seat-partsI placed the bolts through the back hinge caps and placed the seat on the bowl through the holes. Then I attached the nuts underneath the seat and tightened with my fingers.

Last Step

wrenchNext, I took a wrench and tightened the nuts until a portion of it snapped off. It’s a bit difficult to get the wrench under the toilet, but do your best and go slow. This was the hardest part of this project…but it’s totally doable!

Also, make sure you keep the toilet seat in the center of the bowl so you don’t secure it off-center.

bathroom-new-toilet-seat-afterThat’s literally it. You have a new toilet seat in your new home!

We know it isn’t the most glamorous DIY project, and most people probably won’t even notice the new addition, but we really do think it’s a nice way to get a fresh start in your new pad. So consider adding “new toilet seats” to that never-ending to-do list, and soon you’ll be sitting pretty in your new home (TMI?).


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