The Holidays Are Seriously Less Than a Month Away, so Check out These Holiday Cards

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We’re still all about that snail mail (as evidenced by this post and this one.) We think it’s the pitch-perfect thing to do for all your favorite people. And guess what? It’s doubly impactful if you’ve moved recently because what better way to get your new address into the hands of everyone you know?

Last year we shared some of our favorite holiday cards. This year the list is back with the latest and greatest options available online, and boy are there some adorable ones! Almost makes us wish we moved this year… let’s check them out!

Holiday Themed New Home Announcements decking-new-halls

Decking New Halls

no-place-like-homeNo Place like Home

seasons-greetingsSeasons Greetings

new-homeNew Home

nestled-in-for-new-yearNestled in for the New Year

pack-your-bagsPack your Bags

precious-packagesPrecious Packages

new-year-new-homeNew Year, New Home

Yeah, yeah, we know Thanksgiving isn’t even here yet. But honestly, it’s never too early to get started on your super long, holiday to-do list. And if you order your cards now, you’ll be able to have them addressed and sent before December even arrives. Look at you … such a productive new homeowner!


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