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The Most Common Mistakes in Moving Your Alarm System Are These

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According to the FBI, home burglaries are the most common threat to a home. Burglars are nearly three times more likely to target homes without alarm systems.

There’s a loophole in the alarm system marketplace though; People cite moving as the number one reason why they cancel their alarm system service. Considering the average amount of times a person moves in their lifetime is currently calculated at over 11, now must be a good time to be a burglar.

But there are ways to make moving an alarm system way more effective. Yeah, moving the system can be a pain, but these things will make the entire process far more effective and easier.

First thing’s first: you have to tell the security company you’re moving


“Help, there’s an emergency! Wait, no, that’s my old address, don’t go there…here, take the 5 south and get off on the third exit, and…”

Yeah, no.

Obviously it is extremely important that the security company knows about you relocating. This can be a chore that is easily lost in the shuffle during a hectic relocation, but it’s important in lots of subtle ways. For starters:

  • Some security companies offer discounted re-installation for current customers
  • Turning off your alarm system for a prolonged amount of time without warning will raise a red flag at the company
  • Even if you want to cancel or go with someone else, getting a quote is helpful, and security companies will sometimes offer deals to stay with them

There is virtually no drawback to making that call. As a bonus, make sure to check if there are any referral benefits, in case you want to, or already have told someone else about your alarm company.

Scope out your new home’s security needs ahead of re-installation


With a new home comes new variables, like making sure to install new sensors in key areas. Does your new place have an additional floor to consider? Sliding glass doors? If there is any internet component, does the wireless cut-out somewhere in your new place? (Your alarm system might not go off without internet.) Are you just concerned about the overall safety in your new neighborhood?

Moving systems turns out to not be as simple as dismounting and rewiring your system anew. Don’t go into the move without having even thought about any of this in the first place. It’s not a bad idea to at least go over these things with your alarm company, even if you don’t anticipate anything particularly different.

Bonus Tip: Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Establishing a good relationship with your neighbors is actually important for security purposes. Homeowners should all play a role in keeping their neighborhood safe. Neighbors should keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. By introducing yourself to your neighbors, they will be more likely to contact you if they see something unusual occurring near your property.

Set up your alarm system BEFORE you start moving in


Instead of just telling people, “Don’t put your re-installation on the back burner!”, this advice is far more sage, and is, unfortunately, a major oversight many people make…even when they think of literally everything else.

Let’s spell it out for you: you have boxes of things moving in and out of a mostly empty house. Many of them are unceremoniously handled by people you’ve maybe just met. It is impossible to keep track of every single box or item at the same time. If you aren’t moved in yet, nobody will be inside your house to stop anyone from scoping out the place. Large chunks of your things are in highly portable, tightly packed together carrying cases.

Trust us, there is almost no worse time to not have a security system than when all your stuff is literally out of your hands. If you can, make sure your system is the first thing you bring over from your place, and get it installed ahead of time. You can turn it off while people are getting things in, then turn it back on when everyone is done for the day.

Statistics show that they work to deter crime and that they’re important to a household. There’s no point in having an alarm system if the thing isn’t working for you. Moving them correctly should definitely be a priority for you and your family.


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