The (Nightmarish) True Story of the Worst Home Move of all Time

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  • A sofa that won’t fit down the stairwell.
  • A bar too wide to get out the basement door.
  • A baby grand piano that has to be crane-lifted off the second-floor balcony.

We’ve seen all these situations and more, of things too big for where they need to go. But this story just might take the cake.

Johnathan Byrd says he started hearing chainsaws outside his Live Oak Street home around 2 a.m. on a Saturday, CBS News in Austin reports. When he went outside, he found movers trying to free a house from a tree in his yard.

Yep, a house.

Movers were moving a house down the street, mangling cable lines, hitting a telephone pole and damaging trees before they finally got the roof wedged under Mr. Byrd’s tree. All in the middle of the night, by the way.

KXAN Austin reports that the moving company did have the proper permit for the move. Unfortunately, it also seems they did not have not a proper measuring tape.

Their lack of permit extends to not being cleared to cut trees or cut the house, both of which they were doing before a city inspector ordered them to stop and get a permit that – get this – allows them to have a house stuck in the middle of the street.

The house sat there for four days before AAA-Austin Home Movers secured their permit to start cutting stuff up. It took another two days before they were able to cut enough stuff up to get out from under Mr. Byrd’s beak. By the time they had the house rolling again it was Thursday morning.

The Austin American Statesman reports despite some engine trouble around noon, the movers were able to clear the Austin city limits before rush hour.

Fox 7 Austin brings the saga to life in a video clip:

Unbelievably, the job is only half over.

A second house on Live/Dead Oak Street, identical to the one that was just moved, is also slated for relocation – down the same roads to the same neighborhood in Lockhart. Good luck.


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