The Worst Roads in America

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[Synopsis: A look at a few of our worst moving nightmares, courtesy of America’s city planners.]

You’ll get no argument from us that doing moves in San Francisco can be a mental and physical workout. On top of all the typical big city challenges of traffic and parking and one-way streets are those steep, nasty hills Fog City is so famous for, right?

For those who don’t know, or want a closer look at the mover’s nightmare called San Francisco, check out this piece in the SFGate, complete with a slideshow of the toughest roads to navigate and a front bumper view of a drive down notorious Lombard Street.

But ours is a big country, and not all is flat as Florida. Surely there are places with streets to rival the treachery of the City by the Bay?

To find out we decided to dig around. To our delight, we found out that someone had already done the digging for us.

The good folks over at Gizmodo offer us The Nine Steepest Residential Streets in America. Roll your mouse through these and be glad you’re not rolling furniture up and down them instead.

As for the steepest residential street in the world? For that we have to travel to Dunedin, New Zealand. Not surprisingly, the people who planned this street never had to live there.

Got a killer steep street in your neighborhood? Tell us about it – or better yet, show us!

Just don’t forget those chock blocks when you’re jumping out to snap that selfie.


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