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Top 10 FRUGAL Moving Tips

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Better Than a Raise
#1 – Some moving expenses are tax deductible!

According to the IRS, if you move because of a job or for a new job you can deduct moving expenses (not including meals) on your tax return! Check out the IRS’ guidelines here to figure out if you meet the specifications. And speaking of moving because of a job….

Top 10 Frugal Moving Tips Image

#2 – Job taking you out of state?

According to, when offered a new position only 7% of women tried to negotiate their salary while 57% of men tried to negotiate that same salary. Of those that did negotiate their salary, these workers earned more than a 7% increase in their contract. Sometimes it just takes ASKING the right questions to get what you want. If your job is moving you out of state, have you thought about asking if they would help subsidize the moving costs? Come in with a clear game plan of options, and maybe you can negotiate that into your move. It doesn’t hurt to at least ASK.

Moving 101 Moving Options Guide

(If you’re really interested in saving money on your move, checkout our Moving 101 guide)

#3 – Ditch some large scale items

(swing set, basketball hoop, pool table, large rugs, treadmill, etc)
Spoiler Alert: If you don’t use the treadmill now, chances are you aren’t going to use the treadmill in your new place either. Hey, we get it… but what we don’t get is why we (yes, us too) fall into that “maybe someday” trap and end up hauling all of these large scale items to our new place and they end up doing the same thing in the new place — taking up valuable space for now reason. Thinking about selling these items before you go to save a little extra money on the move and make a little extra money in the process. Gym membership in the new neighborhood to help start meeting people? Leave the treadmill, it’s worth it!

#4 – Garage Sale!

Photo of Toys at a Garage Sale

And you’re not going to ditch those large scale items and leave them for FREE (well, at least we hope it doesn’t turn out that way). Try and organize a garage sale before you head out so that those large items that you aren’t moving at least can make you some money before you go.

#5 – Is this delivery?

No it’s DiGiorno. Go to the store and purchase a few frozen pizzas to baptize your new oven with while feeding your friends instead of ordering out!


#6 – Swap services!

Kids Cardboard Box Drive In Cars

Want to trade a day of helping me pack for a day of me babysitting your kids? How about two nights babysitting your kids?! Trading services in order to get those loved ones involved will be a mutually beneficial deal that will help YOU cut down on moving costs.

#7 – Brave the elements and move during the off-season

Old Man Winter's Truck

Moving while it is snowing sounds like a pretty terrible idea to us. But moving while snowing to SAVE BIG BUCKS doesn’t sound so bad! It’s not necessarily about the snow, but summer is prime time for people moving, so if you can move during the “off-season”, you could probably save some money in the process.

#8 – Try not to purchase boxes

Packing Tall Boxes

No, no, no, we are not saying to try and move without boxes… we promise we aren’t that crazy. We’re just saying, do whatever you can to ditch the costs of moving boxes by asking friends, visiting local business, or even making a few undercover trips to visit a few dumpsters (shh… our little secret). Even if you don’t get ALL of your moving boxes for free, every little bit helps. For those that you do have to buy, check out this guide to the most affordable packing supplies.

#9 – Use household items to play double duty as boxes


  • Dresser drawer — fill that baby up
  • bath towels — skip the purchasing bubble wrap, use those for extra padding
  • garbage bags — use those to pack up your closet instead of garment bags (link)
  • last season’s tennis shoes — roll up your socks and stick them in a few pair of shoes

#10 – Think about a Hybrid Move!

No frugal moving tips post would be complete without some advice on how to save a ton of money on move day itself. HireAHelper has affordable moving options for movers on every budget. Try a hybrid move – rent a truck, hire moving labor – its perfect for the frugal mover. For a few hundred dollars, you can hire local moving professionals through HireAHelper, who will load and unload a truck or container for you. You could even have them pack, if you’d like. By foregoing the full-service move, which literally costs thousands of dollars, you are saving money. As a bonus, you will be saving your back, too.


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