Top 14 Posts of 2014 – The Best Moving Advice and Home Tips on the Web!

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The HireAHelper team has had quite the year here on the HireAHelper blog. We’ve covered just about everything you need to know when it comes to moving…from purging, to organizing, to cleaning, to packing, to decorating. Heck, if you’re an avid reader then you just might be a moving expert by now.

In honor of such a successful year of blogging, we decided it would be fun to highlight the Top 14 Posts of 2014 (in no particular order…)

Moving 101

1. Let’s Get Organized – The First Steps


“An organized home makes for an efficient day.”

2. 10 Signs It’s Time to MoveHIMYM-COCKAMOUSE

“We sincerely hope you didn’t have to move for any of the following reasons.”

3. How to Pack a Moving Box Like a Pro: The Basics

Pack a BOX

“real tips, real advice, and real suggestions from a real moving pro.”

4. Spring Deep Cleaning: 6 Overlooked Areas in your Home


“you may want to add these spots to your cleaning to-do list!”

5. How a Fanny Pack Changed my Moving Day.

IMG_1326“But trust me when I say fanny packs should totally make a come back — maybe not on the cover of Vogue but definitely in the moving industry.”

6. How do I Pack Knives Safely?

How to Pack Knives Safely Opening Image“Packing knives means two things: protecting the knives and protecting everything around them – including our customers’ fingers!”

7. Insider Tested Tips for How to Get Rid of Stuff Before a Move

yard“Seriously, no matter how many times you might hear it, you really have no idea how much stuff you have until you have to move it.”

8. Sell Your House – How to Stage & Photograph your Home


“We don’t care if you have the coolest house on the block, if you have terrible pics that bad boy may be on the market for a long time.”

9. Neighbor Etiquette – How to Be a Good Neighbor

Mister-Rogers“Not many people enjoy making small talk with strangers, but that awkward conversation is an essential part of the moving process.”

10. 10 Tips for Picking the Perfect Paint ColorIMG_3803

“Picking paint colors. What a fun way to make your home personal right from the very start, but man oh man, what a nightmare for us indecisive people in the world.”

11. How to Rock Halloween in your Neighborhood

pumpkin-on-doorstep“Whether you like it or not, a lot is riding on whether you’re going to graduate into the ‘we love our new neighbors!’ level or quickly detour down the unwanted path of…. ‘the super weird neighbors’.”

12. 15 Moving Tips for the Little Mermaid

mark's photo“With that new pair of legs we’re assuming she’ll be moving in with Eric, so as a newlywed gift for this little mermaid and her husband, we put together this guide on how to move from under the sea onto dry land.”

13. A Tasty Gift for your New Neighbors

Gift-Tag“So why not welcome the new kids to the block with this easy, inexpensive, edible, won’t-take-you-more-than-5-minutes gift?!”

14. A Moving Timeline and To-Do List for an Organized Move

movingday2“The digital “event planner” for your upcoming move. We’ve got a moving timeline for ya, and we’re here to make sure we do everything we can to keep your move organized… one to do list reminder at a time.”

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What do you want to see here on the HireAHelper blog in 2015? We’d love to tackle some of your suggestions!



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