Top 15 Posts of 2015 – The Best Moving Tips and Home Advice on the Web!

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We’re doing the ultimate #TBT today. Yep, we’re throwing it back to all of the best blog posts from the past year. We’ve tackled all kinds of crazy stuff here on the HireAHelper blog. It’s been jam-packed with moving tips, filled to the brim with cost-saving strategies, and loaded with articles meant to make your next move better & easier!

So let’s take a look at some of our favorite posts from 2015. In no particular order…

1. 10 Signs it’s Time to Move if you Live in the Frozen World

10 Signs It's Time To Move From Your Frozen World“Let’s just say spring can’t come soon enough. But for most of us…we won’t see any signs of spring for many, many weeks. And if you have just had enough…well then it might be time to channel your inner bird and fly south.”

2. The 9 Emotional Stages of Moving

9-emotional-stages-of-moving“Many people just lump moving into the “sucks” category… but we’re here to dispel that theory. Sure, moving can be overwhelming and scary at times, but there are also a heck of a lot of good things that come along with moving. Lots of wonderful, HAPPY emotions.”

3. How to Pack Kitchen UtensilsHow to Pack Kitchen Utensils“Assuming the silverware is in a tray in a drawer, there’s not a whole lot to it.”

4. Top 10 Frugal Moving Tips

Better Than a Raise“No frugal moving tips post would be complete without some advice on how to save a ton of money on move day itself. HireAHelper has affordable moving options for movers on every budget.”

5. Top 10 Moving Customer Complaints

Holding Moving Box“They like that we come on time. They like that we get to work and don’t waste anyone’s time. They love finding out just how polite and professional the guys they invited into their home turned out to be.”

6. Design a Room: How to Arrange Furniture Without the Heavy Lifting

furniture-layout-painter-tape“The trick to knowing where your movers should set your furniture is quick and easy, however, it does require you to plan ahead… just a tad.”

7. Being Number Smart During your Move

Number Barn - Be Number Smart During Your Move“Most consumers don’t know that the phone company doesn’t own your phone number. You OWN it. That’s right. It’s yours to keep.”

8. How do I Remove Smoke Odor from my New House?

no smoking“Removing these odors is going to be an on-going process. Maintaining a frequent cleaning schedule in your new place will help combat any odors that were not removed initially.”

9. 7 Tips for Moving into a College Dorm Roomcollege moving tips“Before classes begin, you’ll need to get your dorm room in tip-top shape and no one wants to start things off with a chaotic, moving day. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Consider yourself enrolled in Dorm Room Moving 101.”

10. 10 Tips to Get your Rental Deposit Back

How to get your rental deposit back“That means that those holes in the walls from your gallery wall need to be filled, and everything should be fresh & lookin’ good for your landlord.”

11. A Crosstown Chicago Move

Happy Mover Holding Box“My husband and I had to move less than 5 miles from our apartment to a newly purchased condo. Even though this was the shortest moving distance we’ve ever tackled, it was still an exhausting process.”

12. 7 Tips for Saving Money when Relocating

money money!“Just because moving isn’t cheap, doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to save. Employ these seven tips to save money when relocating.”

13. Top 10 Things to Ask your Self-Storage Facility Before Leasing

Photo of Self Storage Units“You know what type and size storage unit you need, and you’ve found a self-storage facility at a great location that has just what you want. Time to make a reservation, right? Maybe!”

14. What if my Furniture won’t Fit down the Stairs?

Photo of Lowering a Couch off a Balcony 2“If your furniture won’t fit down the stairs, all you need is a little help (and some rope)!”

15. Where can I move to Save Money on Rent?

country-living“With rental prices dropping in some smaller towns, the ability to work from just about anywhere with a broadband connection, and everyone else and their mother (literally) sticking with big cities, you could move near that meadow any day now.”

Now it’s your turn…what do you want to see on the HireAHelper blog in 2016? Give us some topic ideas in the comments below. We’re all ears!



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