Two Men and a Tantrum? Questionable Tactics for Taming the Kids During a Move

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Our friends over at Two Men and a Truck in Corpus Christi, Texas recently scored something pretty sweet: free advertising airtime on the local television news. (Then their representing Man mucked it up by going on the air in a pair of shorts, but we’ll roast that chicken some other time.)

How did TM&T manage such an enviable opportunity? What did they do that was so newsworthy (besides wear shorts to the studio)? Nothing, as far as we can tell, except share some playful ideas to help parents keep their incorrigible little ones occupied during the family’s big move-out.

This was Channel 6 in Corpus Christi, not 60 Minutes. Still, we were intrigued enough to see what sort of tricks our short-panted Man had up his short sleeves.

Our take-away: While we’re sure Two Men & Truck’s intentions were good, we’re not sure we’d unleash these on your customers’ kids. We’re going to file these away in a drawer labeled “questionable” – and stick it with a neon pink Post-It note marked “potentially disastrous” for good measure.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

Would you use any of these? (Honest question, actually…)

“I Spy”can be used to keep track of what has been packed and what hasn’t goes the spiel. Sure, but tell little Dylan that you see something that begins with the letter ‘C’ and the little guy will suddenly realize that his clown lamp is gone. Little Dylan will then go into a crazy tantrum until you prove to him, after 30 frantic minutes of looking, that his Bozo-Brite is safe inside one of those boxes you forgot to label with ‘clown lamp’.

“Scavenger Hunt”Kids will benefit when their parents orchestrate a treasure hunt, goes the logic. Just remember to hide all hazardous objects before letting them roam around. Right. As if the parents don’t have enough to do. Now they have to make lists of things for the kids to hunt for and  lists of things that have to be hidden away so none of the scavengers ends up in the emergency room.

“Hide and Seek” Turn excess clutter into a game. ‘Excess clutter’ meaning ‘stuff to be thrown out’? Hey Dylan, go hide. No, not in that box. No, not in that now empty armoire that the movers are about to hoist either. Make sure only safe compartments are accessible. Sure. Now to keep our hyped-up kids from needing an ambulance we have to go around locking doors. Except the ones without locks. For those we’ll need to build barricades. I’ve been in many houses on moving day, and none of them are child proof.

“Basketball” Clothes can be tossed into a laundry basket…stuffed animals can also be swiftly thrown into a suitcase. While this may be fun, we’re pretty sure this will put you behind on your packing schedule.

“2-Minute Race”Avoid a traumatic upheaval by packing a separate overnight bag with all of a child’s sentimentally essential belongings. Okay, this sounds like a plan. A child knows best what he or she needs, so devise a fast-paced game to encourage a quick collection of the child’s favorite toys. A child knows best what he or she needs? Whoever believes this does not have kids. I do have kids – and have watched them create mountains of toys and scraps of garbage they believed they needed. And then listened to them scream child abuse when I suggested they change their strategy.

I have no idea how good Two Men are when it comes to moving. I do not expect them to expand into babysitting services any time soon.

Kudos, though, for effort and for scoring the free airtime.


Photo credit to David Dennis


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