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Just another friendly, neighborhood reminder to update your pricing ASAPP (as soon as possible PLEASE!).

If you don’t define a pricing profile, the system will default to a set price (that you can change later) but it might not be what you’re expecting to make on those new orders coming in starting 2015. Skip the pricing surprise, and go set your prices in your account before THIS THURSDAY – 12/18/2014. If you missed the email reminder – here it is again:

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Hi there,

HireAHelper’s pricing model is changing January 1st, 2015. Our old model charged you 15% of your rates plus a $50 flat fee per order. The biggest change with our new model is that the flat fee HireAHelper charges you for each order will no longer be automatically added to your rates for you, so you will need to adjust your pricing as you see fit. To make this transition easier, we’ve created a tool in your account to help you convert your rates to fit our new model. You need to update your rates by December 18th, so go do it now so you don’t get left behind!


Lower Transition


Our goal is to make HireAHelper more affordable for excellent service providers while maintaining the level of service we expect of ourselves for customers. As a result, there will now be 2 different types of orders and 3 different types of standardized coverage options.

w/Self Coverage
HireAHelper charges $50 flat (+10% of the order total over $500)

w/Plus Coverage
HireAHelper charges $100 flat (+10% of the order total over $500)

w/Premium Coverage
HireAHelper charges $120 flat (+10% of the order total over $500)

Each have their own coverage limits and a pre-defined amount of coverage you’ll contribute (think insurance deductible). Head over to your account to read more details about our updated pricing and coverage options.


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