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Updated Garages Add Massive Value to Homes, so Here Are 5 Sweet Upgrades

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Your garage could be much more than a catch-all for excess junk accumulated over the years. It has the potential to be an aesthetic and functional extension of your home. That is if you’ve done the work to make it a usable space.

If you’ve been hesitant to spend the money, consider that garage additions and upgrades can also produce an estimated 65 percent return-on-investment for the homeowner, making it worth the initial cost and time commitment.

If you’re ready to transform your cluttered garage into a more livable space, consider these organization and modernization hacks that easily pay for themselves long-term.

Create an elevated storage system.

In order to optimize the garage’s limited square-footage without compromising your storage needs, turn the space above the garage into organization central. This DIY project will offer convenience, accessibility and much-needed extra space.

The best part: You can complete the installation in just a matter of hours with plywood, industrial crates, heavy-duty screws and other hardware. Build the overhead storage system using this tutorial from Family Handyman, which provides a breakdown of materials and step-by-step instructions to execute the finished product.

Give that door some style!

garage door glass

Among the most popular home improvement trends for 2017 is replacing that outdated garage door with a more contemporary model. This will increase your curb appeal with added color, texture and double takes from cars passing by.

When choosing the design of this new garage door, think louvered panels, sheet metals, reclaimed wood, frosted glass or retractable screens. These options are ideal for making a bold statement, and they’re constructed for maximum quality and durability to protect against the weather or wear-and-tear. If you’re still not sure what style you love, get some inspiration from HGTV’s 10 Ideas for Garage Doors.

Enhance the security alert settings.

security garage

Statistics show that garages are among the most common entry points for intruders to access your home, making the frequent “Oops, I forgot to shut the garage door” a lot more concerning.

Upgrade your garage with an alarm system that monitors when the door is left open and notifies you with indicator lights or sound triggers. Save money by making an automated sensor yourself (check out these directions from Instructables), which is more economical than professional installation and equally effective.

Go pro: Epoxy your floors.


If you’re worried about the lifetime value of your upgrades, look no further than epoxy flooring. “Flooring covered with epoxy will have a long life and can handle a massive amount of traffic. This is water resistant and dust proof, meaning cleaning up garage flooring is easy and fast,” says Calvin Kwekel, of Kwekel Garage & Epoxy Flooring.

This type flooring looks great, thanks to its natural sheen, and has been used for decades in industrial settings thanks to its affordability and durability. To save money, install the flooring yourself with these directions from Lifehacker or hire a local professional.

Finally designate a real workspace.


Convert a section of the garage into your own artistic niche with a wall-mounted workbench. This space saver folds up when it’s not being used and even stores tools inside the detachable desktop.

You can purchase and install this yourself, or build it yourself with basic supplies like a pegboard, wood panels, door hinges, industrial screws and other materials. If going the DIY route, follow these instructions.

Is remodeling the garage on your to-do list this year? Are you planning to undertake some of these suggestions? Do you have another idea worth adding to the list? Share your feedback in the comment section below—and let’s turn that disheveled eyesore into a garage with undeniable market value and curb appeal.

Jessica Thiefels has been writing for more than 10 years and is currently a lifestyle blogger and full-time freelancer. She’s written for Reader’s Digest, AARP,, Lifehack and more. Follow her on Twitter: @Jlsander07.

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