The Moving Company That Moves in Sub-Zero Temperatures

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Still chilly? Thawing out? Haven’t worn anything but a t-shirt all year? Whatever kind of winter you’ve had, we can say two things with near-certainty:

  1. We’re all looking forward to the gentle spring weather (Keep quiet down there all you Deep-Southers!)
  2. None of us has had the winter Two Small Men With Big Hearts Moving had this past year – and probably have every year.

Up in Saskatchewan, Canada, movers like Mark Newton are on the job no matter what the weather – in this case, 40-below (Celsius although at this point does it even matter?). They put down enough rug runners so they don’t track snow all over the house. They shovel paths to their customers’ doors. They dress in layers – and layers and layers.

The cold can be so extreme, Newton tells us, that it can cause even sturdy items to become extra fragile.


But the biggest issue with minus 40-degree weather? Getting the trucks started.

“We got heaters to put underneath them and everything if we need to get them started,” Newton says. “That’s the only thing that’s going to stop us if anything.”

But for all their icy heroics, though, Newton and his cohorts remain human.

“I hope it gets warmer soon,” he says.

Remember that next time you think that 40 degrees above zero is a cold day!


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