We’re Crushing on These 5 Home Trends of 2017

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It’s the month of LOVE and the big love in our lives – besides our doting husbands of course – are all things for the home. Give us paint colors, throw pillows and accessories and we’ll be heart eyes all day.

Pinterest recently released their list of the top home trends that you’ll see taking over your Pinterest boards this year, so in honor of the upcoming romantic holiday, we thought it would be fun to chat about some trends that we’re currently crushing on.

1. Hygge


No need to say “gesundheit.” Hygge isn’t just a funny sounding word (pronounced HOO-gah), instead, it’s a new Scandinavian way of life. And it’s all the rage right now. This concept is all about enveloping your loved ones in warmth and comfort; Think knit blankets, flattering candlelight and cozy fires. This sounds like a home trend we can definitely get behind… especially when it’s February in Chicago #brrrrr

2. Navyfauxdena-gallery-wall

The color navy is trending and we couldn’t be more thrilled! As two navy addicts (one of us has an entire room painted navy, the other owns a velvet navy sofa), we are so happy to hear this color is hot right now. If you’re too afraid to go bold, we suggest adding a few small accessories or throw pillows for just a pop of navy.

3. Indoor Plants


We didn’t realize that indoor plants were ever out of style, but to hear that they’re officially “in” is very exciting! Despite both having brown thumbs, we’re still totally on board. Not only do they purify the air, but they add so much life to any space. If you’re a fellow brown thumber, we suggest starting small with a few succulents and maybe a snake plant.

If you’re a fellow brown thumber, we suggest starting small with a few succulents and maybe a snake plant.

4. Marble Wallpaper

When we learned about marble wallpaper, we were over the moon excited! We have a deep love affair with marble and just can’t seem to get enough. We know it’s a big commitment to wallpaper an entire room with a marble print, but you can dip your toe into this trend by framing a piece of marble wallpaper, or even wallpaper a small powder room. It’s worth it!

5. Acrylic Decor

This is one trend we’re both excited to embrace because there are just so many ways to add that acrylic look to your home. Acrylic furniture is great if you live in a small space and don’t want your furniture to take up too much of your visuals. But clear side tables and coffee tables can definitely pack a punch just the same. We also love acrylic decor like this DIY picture frame.

We’re really digging all of these so we truly hope these trends are in it for the long haul. And all of these aren’t wildly expensive either, so now you too can be a trendsetter – try them out!


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