What Are the Best Coffee Table Books for My New Home?

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Photo of Coffee Table Books on a Marble TrayWe made it through the height of moving season and are currently full-speed ahead toward the holidays (yup… they’ll be here before we know it!). As much as these two annual milestones seem like they have absolutely nothing in common, don’t be mistaken. These times share more in common than you may think.

New Home = reason to celebrate
Holiday Season = reason to celebrate

New Home = need a New Homeowner’s Gift ASAP
Holiday Season = need a New Homeowner’s Gift ASAP

So whether you’re preparing for the upcoming holidays or you’re finally getting around to picking up that perfect housewarming gift, we are here to take the stress off out of gift giving. This collection of the best coffee table books has an option for anyone, and can be a gesture that adds some serious style to any coffee table.The Best Coffee Table Books

1. Ultimate Travel by Lonely Planet: This hardcover book is an amazing list of the 500 BEST places to see. If you don’t have wanderlust before flipping through this gorgeous book, you will by the time you finish. Filling a coffee table with photos of gorgeous places around the world seems like the perfect way to welcome “the traveler” to his home sweet home…. at least until he sets out on his next adventure.

2. Styled by Emily Henderson: This swoonworthy decor dives into tips and tricks on how to style your accessories in a room, on a shelf, even on a coffee table! If you know a decor lover taking on a new space, this gorgeous book may be just the guide he or she is missing!

3. Lovable, Livable Home by John & Sherry Petersik: This is the second book by these DIY-ers and one that is bound to motivate the reader to get ‘er done! Know someone tackling a fixer-upper? Know someone who wants to create a unique home for their family? Know someone who wants a lovable, livable home? This book will not let you down!

4. Modern Mix by Eddie Ross: Hosting Thanksgiving in your new place? Want to throw the best holiday party ever?! Modern Mix encourages the reader to hit up local thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales in order to create a tablescape that is one-of-a-kind. This book is full of gorgeous eye candy and will inspire you to set the table…. even if you aren’t expecting dinner guests!

5. Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel: Do you know a pet lover who just cannot resist a cute pooch? The Underwater Dog series will having any reader ooohhh and ahhhing and totally OBSESSED with the cutest book their coffee table will ever see.

6. The Southerner’s Handbook by Editors at Garden & Gun: What better way to bring some Southern Charm into a new home than bringing in the Southerner’s Handbook? This “handbook” offers over 100 tips, tricks and tutorials to living life in the South circa 2015.

7. Vintage Cocktails by Laziz Hamani & Brian Van Flandern: Having a cocktail menu on hand is the perfect way to greet guests for “the socialite”. This gorgeous coffee table book will have this new homeowner cheers-ing for all the right reasons! <— For bonus points, pair this gift with a bottle of the homeowner’s favorite drink.

8. Beekman 1802 Style: The Attraction of Opposites by Brent Ridge & Josh Kilmer-Purcell: Because everyone knows that one person who just can’t do wrong in the style arena. This is the book of the season and one that will leave this homeowner pouring over the pages and scheming her next room makeover.Two of the Best Coffee Table Books

Hopefully now that you’re spending less time shopping, you’ll have more time to actually sit down & enjoy reading these picks. Cheers to that!


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    These are some cute coffee table books! Always fun to have an interesting read out where guests can give it a scroll through.

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