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Real People: What if a HireAHelper Employee Used HireAHelper For Their Move?

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Like every customer service representative at HireAHelper, I have assisted many – no, countless – no wait, an insane amount of customers looking for last minute help with their move. I’ve often questioned why anyone would wait so long to organize their move or to make sure the appropriate help they needed was confirmed.

My question was answered when my own moving plan took an unfortunate turn. After plans to have family and friends assist me fell through, I was stuck with a house full of heavy furniture and only me to move it (and in case you weren’t aware, I am not the Incredible Hulk). The kicker? My move was the NEXT day! So on Friday February 7th (the day before my move), I began searching for a moving truck and some help to load it.

Screenshot of the Penske Moving Truck Rental Estimate

Penske’s Moving Truck Quote

Where Can I Find a Moving Truck?

My first search was on the Budget Truck website (get our Budget discounted price here), which listed a price of $26.99/per day and $0.89/per mile with a 14 foot truck. Budget made it easy for me to know what sized truck would work best with the size of my home. I also liked that they did not charge my credit card until the day of pick-up.

Uhaul offered a 14 foot truck rental for $29.95/per day and $0.99/per mile. This website included details for estimated truck size as well as two damage protection options at additional cost.

Like Budget and Uhaul, the Penske website provided details needed to figure out my truck size and would also not charge my credit card until the pick-up. Their pricing for a 14 foot truck was $17.99/per day and $0.69/per mile (get our cheaper Penske pricing here). Not only was I pleased with the lower pricing, but Penske also offered several different coverage options at a lower cost than Uhaul. I immediately placed my reservation with Penske.

Where Can I Find Move Help?

Next was the important part, finding move helpers to load and unload my heavy stuff on and off my Penske moving truck. I’ve helped thousands of customers book movers using our call center system, but I had never used the website myself. It was really cool to be on the other side. Searching for movers in my area on HireAHelper didn’t take long for me to find Motivated Military Movers.

Screenshot of Motivated Military Movers Reviews


I wasn’t very familiar with this company, although they have been listed on our website since January 2011. This company only had 58 completed orders and 27 reviews from customers, but each and every review was a 5 star rating! Their pricing was a bit higher than the other helpers in my area, but the reviews reflected they would be worth it. After I set up the reservation through HireAHelper’s website, I was able to reach Motivated Military Movers right away and they confirmed availability for my next-day move.

Motivated Military Movers called me Friday night to confirm my reservation and said they would arrive at 1pm on Saturday.

Moving Day!

Saturday, February 8th I picked up my Penske rental truck and was in and out in about 5 minutes. The representative who assisted me was very kind and explained the return process, then sent me on my way.

Photo of My Penske Moving Truck

As stated, Motivated Military Movers were at my home at 1pm sharp, with all equipment requested, and ready to work. I had 2 bedrooms worth of items for them to move, and 3 staircases for them to navigate. I cannot say enough wonderful things about these workers (Melvin and David). These gentleman loaded all of my items into the truck. They were so fast, but careful with loading all of my furniture items and had the best sense of humor! Their hard work, kindness, and laughter made me forget about all of the stress and worry I was feeling the day before.

My new place was about 5 miles away, and they unloaded my items just as careful and quickly as they loaded. Two and a half hours later my move was complete, and I was so relieved, happy, and grateful for the movers’ hard work.

I honestly couldn’t imagine completing my move successfully without Penske, HireAHelper, and Motivated Military Movers. I will definitely be using all three companies for my future moves!


Photo Credit: Earls37a


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