What Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year Can Look Like in Your Home

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Not only would it be festive to incorporate more green into your home for the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day festivities, but Pantone named green as their color of the year for 2017. Bold choice! This bright green hue oozes freshness, brings the outdoors in, and as Pantone states, “[Is a] refreshing and revitalizing shade and symbolic of new beginnings.”

It’s a smart choice too; Injecting a pop of green into your space will ensure that your home is ready for the holiday, sure, but you’ll also get those staying up-to-date vibes. Look at you go!If you’re interested in bringing a sense of outdoors inside, or maybe you’re just looking to refresh your space, we’ve got six tangible ways to stay on-trend by adding green to your space.

Your living room would make a great first impression

How stunning is this gorgeous green couch? Design experts™ predict that rich green furniture will soon be replacing the previously popular pops of navy we saw in 2015 and 2016. From sofas to headboards, to vanities and even cabinets, green is the new way to add a serious dose of color into just about any room of the house.

The Green House Effect fiddle_leaf_family_room_plant

If investing in large pieces of green furniture is not for you, going more natural by getting plants may be a better fit. Not only will houseplants bring the color green into your house without breaking the bank, they will also act as a natural air purifier by cleaning the air in your home. The best part about this pop of green is that it can easily be incorporated into any room of the house and still match with whatever look you’ve already established.

Plants too much? Try succulents

If you’re anything like us and have a self-proclaimed brown thumb, incorporating indoor plants into your home may be a bit too stressful because you’re convinced that it will end in dead plants. We totally understand (a little too well, actually). Instead of large house plants, adding a few succulents to your home may be more your speed. These adorable baby plants will not only add some green for now but also for the long haul because they require little to no maintenance. Read: if you forget to water them, it’s okay!

Dive in: paint the walls green


Photo by Hunted Interior

Have you ever thought about painting a room in your house a bold color? Have you ever been serious about it? Well, this dark green is a jaw-dropping choice and provides a stunning contrast between the other bright elements. We love that the moody walls make both the subway tile and the penny tile on the floor really shine. The look has us green with envy. 

Make your neighbors green with envy


Photo by HGTV

Speaking of green with envy, a pop of green on your front door will make all of your neighbors take notice and admire from afar. And the best part is that painting your door green may come with a little bit of a bonus. According to this post, green front doors represent prosperity, luck, and even ambition! Hey, we’ll take it!

Actually go green and upcycle!


Going green isn’t just about injecting the color green. Going green can also mean upcycling old pieces and refreshing them instead of throwing them away. Mother Earth would be so proud that your old dresser or mason jars didn’t end up in a landfill, but instead, got upcycled! They look way cooler than so many store-bought options if you ask us.

So what do you say? You ready to incorporate this trendy color into your own home this year? We hope you take a walk on the colorful side and get to work adding some green to your house.

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