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Favorite Essential Products for Moving Day

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Moving Day Essentials

Top 12 Moving Day Must Haves

Your phone can NOT lose battery.
You need to have scissors within 10 feet of you at all times.
Music is essential… and so are snacks.
Washi Tape changes lives.
File folders are more famous on moving day than they are in your office.

I think we can all agree that having the right tools and products on hand is key to an efficient and organized move! Here are our top 12 favorite Moving Day Essentials and why we love these items so much.

#1. Scissors

Bring all the scissors you can because you’ll always be searching for these precious commodities on moving day! Unpacking old boxes, setting up new furniture, imitating Uncle Joey from Full House (90’s kids know what I’m talking about), you’ll definitely need lots of scissors on hand.

#2. Washi Tape

Washi Tape

This will literally change your life… well maybe not your life, but at least your moving experience. We love that this colorful, temporary tape can guide your movers in placing furniture and boxes in the exact location you want them in. And the best part? The movers won’t have to ask you over and over again where you want each item. This detailed guide will give you a step-by-step tutorial on how to easily incorporate washi tape into your next move.

#3. Markers

Need we say more? The Sharpie is a timeless and classic moving staple.

#4. Charger

Because NO ONE can afford their phone going dead on moving day! Having a cell phone charger accessible is key to making sure you have this lifeline available all day long.

#5. Small Speaker

This is the perfect way to ease some of the stress of moving day and replace it with some good ol’ fashioned DANCING! Having mini speakers ready to amp up your moving team will make the whole experience more fun.

#6. Water

An essential part of life… and moving days, well at least until it’s time for a beer. #cheers

#7. Snacks

Granola Bars, some fruit, maybe a few bags of chips — any type of snack works and is a great way to keep your team fueled.  (no one needs “h-angry” helpers on moving day!)

#8. Painter’s Tape

Blue Painter's Tape

We heart painter’s tape for more than just painting. This temporary tape is perfect to use on your floors, carpets or walls in order to visualize the layout of your furniture before it’s moved in. Take a peek at what a difference it made in this space!

#9. Organization System

Paperwork. Receipts. Post-its. New Mail. <— you’re bound to have paper flying during the move-in process and no one wants the electric bill to get lost in the shuffle. It’s important to have some type of organization system in place to corral this paper. Having a few file folders ready and labeled will help keep track of this paperwork until your real organization is set up and functioning in your new place.

#10. Doormat

Having a doormat (new or old!) in place is a good strategy in keeping the floors as clean as possible when you have family, friends and your moving team in and out of the house all day. This is a simple way for all those shoes to at least get a “quick clean” before proceeding inside. You could even add a few old rugs inside but you want to make sure they aren’t invasive, as you don’t want anyone to trip (especially if they’re holding your valuables).

#11. Cleaning Products

Hopefully the previous homeowner or renter cleaned up the place before they left. But even if Mr. Clean himself lived there before you did, you probably still want to give everything a good clean before setting up your new home sweet home. Having a few buckets, your preferred cleaning product and old towels accessible will help get this process started. And having a few extra buckets could be helpful if you have lots of family and friends on site looking for a way to help!

#12. Tape Measure

When you’re the homeowner orchestrating and overseeing Moving Day, you’re pretty much the general contractor of the project. And let’s be honest here, what general contractor walks around a job site without a tape measure? You just never know where you’ll need it and we can promise you’ll be happy you have it on hand (…or on waist, if you have those official contractor pants on). #toolbelt


  1. Jordan

    Great ideas here on stuff to get for moving day! I really like washi tape – it’s very cute and perfect for deciding where to put big furniture before it’s in the room. Thanks for sharing!

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