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DIY Corner: What’s My WiFi Password Again?

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It’s already DIY Thursday again! I know it seems like just yesterday we were sharing Washi Tape secrets to moving box organization bliss, but an entire week has passed. Today on the HireAHelper DIY Corner the ladies of the DIY Playbook share a clever solution to a frequent tech question: What’s my wifi password?

Moving into a new place usually means new cable wires, a new internet set-up and new WiFi passwords. It’s still up for debate, but as far as I’m concerned, trying to get your cable/internet hooked up in a new place may be worse than the move itself. Maybe it’s because I’m technically challenged or maybe because there always seems to be a “glitch” with my cable guy and the process ends up taking 10 times longer than it’s supposed to. Regardless of how not-so glamorous this process can be, we all can agree that new WiFi passwords are not always user friendly.

Guests come over and want to use your WiFi and you find yourself playing an unwanted, expert game of Battleship… capital K lowercase f5ys. Your guest turns to you and says, “wait, whaaaaaaat?” and the whole mess starts again. IMG_0495

Thanks to this WiFi art, you can skip that unwanted encounter and direct your guest to the pop of abstract art on your shelf that doubles as your WiFi reminder. Functional and fashionable, we like it already! This piece of art has an abstract feel, yet has a very concrete purpose. Here’s how to make your own: 

WiFi Art Supplies:

White Canvas (any size) or Paper with Frame

Stickers (or you can free-hand your letters)


Paint marker

WiFi Password


All you need to do is trace the letters of your WiFi code onto the canvas. Using whatever marker colors you choose, go ahead and use the sophisticated strategy that we call coloring-in-the-lines.

Let your new piece of art dry and when you’re ready, hang this helpful reminder somewhere in the office, family room, or even guest room. Not only will this art save you time and keep you organized, it will also promise that you will never be locked out of your internet access again.




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