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Working on Mother’s Day: Three Ways to Promote Your Company

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Two Men and a Truck has a big thing going in the run-up to Mother’s Day. Movers for Moms is a program to assist women in need – a program that, last year, ended with 285,000 personal items being delivered to women in homeless and domestic abuse shelters all across the country.

Such a massive effort is tremendous for the number of people who benefit. But if you’re a mover, you don’t have to criss-cross the country to spread a little extra love and appreciation on Mother’s Day. There are plenty of ways to make an impact in the lives of the moms right in your own town. Here are three:

#1. Take Your Crew To A Nursing Home


You don’t have to make the nursing home a place you only go on business. You are sure to find a few moms and grandmoms who would love a visitor on the holiday. You might also be surprised at how rewarding an experience it can be. (You might also be coaxed into coming back for Father’s Day!)

#2. Hand Out Free Flowers For Moms


A public appearance is one of the best means of advertising for a moving company. With that in mind, on Mother’s Day go to a busy and visible place and hand out flowers to all the moms who pass by. If you are feeling adventurous, give out free hugs of thanks for taking on a job much harder than ours. We guarantee you’ll create some positive vibes, for yourselves as well as everyone around you.

#3. Or Team Up With Your Local Florist

flower delivery

Get in touch with your local florist and offer to help out with their busy delivery schedule in exchange for the publicity. Imagine the excitement (read: extreme relief) when you show up and tell them you’re there to help make sure all those roses and lilies will be getting out on time.

There could be a hundred other ways to spread the Mother’s Day love. If you’ve got a few ideas, go for it. And hey, make sure to wear your company uniform! The free advertising is great for sure, but the added bonus is that people will be able to see that you really are part of the community. 


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