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Your Life in Another Country

Posted in: I'm Moving, Long Distance Moving

Where you grow up not only determines a lot of your personality (and what you like), but it can determine your overall quality of life too.

There can be drastic differences between someone who grew up in New York vs. Los Angeles … and the difference is even more striking if you grew up in a different country with a different culture. After all, a child in Bangkok will have a drastically different experience than one growing up in Ireland.

Life Comparison Tool

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you moved somewhere vastly different from where you are now? Where would you choose to live? What would you spend your time doing? How would life be easier or more difficult?

Comparing things like life expectancy, unemployment rate, average purchasing power, median age and access to the internet can give you a better idea of how other cultures live. So we built this handy tool to let you do just that!

Start by picking your “country of origin” by choosing it from the list below. Next, pick the country you’d like to compare it to and analyze the different statistics.

Feel free to mix and match as you choose—be curious!

  • United States
compared to
  • United Kingdom

You are years olderyounger.

You are % lessmore likely to have AIDS.

Your country would have % lessmore debt.

Your nation would spend % lessmore on education.

You would have % lessmore free time.

You would make % lessmore per year.

You would have % lessmore saved.

Your country would be % lessmore active on the internet.

You would live a % shorterlonger life.

You would be % lessmore likely to be obese.

You would be % lessmore likely to be unemployed.

You would be % lessmore likely to be murdered.



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Originally published: June 25, 2018. Updated: January 23rd, 2019.


  1. shelley jennings

    This is awesome! I’m teaching my students about different Central and Latin American countries as part of our Hispanic Heritage studies in our Spanish classes. These statistics help them to better understand life in the targeted countries. Gracias!

  2. none ya biz

    could you please add “free time” to this page?

    1. HireAHelper


      All variables are based on what data exists out in the world for it. If it exists for one country but not for another, it’s only because the data isn’t out there. We checked!

  3. natalie

    i like this and i wonder how hard it is for someone living somewhere where you cant talk because no on understands you and you have to learn this whole new language

  4. Michael Bentley

    It’s surprises me how us Americans can have 1% more free time than the United kingdom and we make 27% more than the United Kingdom. The barley have any internet users while we have over 200,000,000, gee that´s a lot of people.

  5. Tyler Ealand

    so by living in the US there are like 50 different city’s you can go to can live there or get a job. but living in Spain is much different then living in the US. so lets talk about debt in Spain you would be 90.7% in debt in spin and 77.4 in the US. so you would be in more debt if you move to Spain. now Spain spends 5% on education and in the US we spend 5.4 so you education would be 0.4% less then the US now hoe about an advantage of living is Spain. so if you live in the US 80% of peoples lives would be long but in Spain 81.8% of people would live there lives longer.

    OK now there are some difference of moving or living in Spain and some in the US but different places are different due to culture and jobs and how we spend our time. But that wont change the way we are now one tiny bit

  6. unknown

    I do not know i just wanted to say something

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