The Lives of Female Movers


Illustrations by Marlowe Dobbe

Close your eyes and picture a mover. But before you describe what he looks like, hold off just yet.

Nowadays, they might just be a woman.

Women in the moving industry are beginning to grow in numbers. Not in droves – you would easily make a comfortable living betting against a female mover showing up on moving day. But their presence in an extremely male dominated industry is strengthening up and down the industry ladder: owners, managers, yes – clerical workers, and now finally, movers.

As with many markets where the workforce is typically gendered, women are beginning to get hired. And they are coming to move your furniture.

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6 Crucial Energy Drains to Tweak Immediately In Your New Home


A glaring fact from the home owning world: most homeowners lose a couple hundred dollars a year from neglecting very basic energy settings.

And we get it. You just spent the last 7 weeks rearranging your life and now – Finally! – you’re in your new home. But before you get too comfortable and move on with your life, take a look at this list to make sure you don’t unknowingly lose energy (and money) from right under your nose.

Specifically, these 6 general areas are quick to check, and you can often see the savings immediately.

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