More Than Roommate Etiquette: Roomie LOVE!

8 Roommate Tips to be the Best Roomie Ever

Roommate Tips

Public Service Announcement: Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, and we do NOT want you to forget to show your roomie some extra love.

‘Tis the season for chocolate hearts and XL teddy bears, but we’re not necessarily talking about that kind of l-o-v-e for your roomie. Whether your roommate is your spouse, your significant other, a friend, an acquaintance or even some random connection from Craigslist, Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to show him or her that you really do appreciate the companionship. Here are 8 things you can do this week (or ANY time this year!) to show your fav roomie a little extra LOVE… without being creepy. Continue reading


How NOT to Lose Important Docs Amidst Moving Chaos

How to Keep Important Documents Organized on Moving Day

I am a self-proclaimed organized person. Open my pantry, peek in my coat closet, heck you can even investigate my bathroom vanity and I’m pretty very confident you are going to find orderly spaces with a lot of neatly labeled bins.

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How to Stay Organized in a Small Home

How to Stay Organized in a Small HomeEven though we’re two home decor enthusiasts (who spend way too many hours browsing the aisles of HomeGoods and hitting up estate sales), we both live in pretty small spaces. Bridget lives in a small ranch in the suburbs of Chicago, while I have a 1,200 square foot condo downtown. Because we live in tight quarters, we’re forced to pare down the stuff in our homes on a regular basis and that is a-okay in our playbook.

Living small is big these days! People are doing their best to live with less, and we are big fans of this newfound minimalism. If you’re looking to get rid of the clutter and pare down to the essentials, we are here to help! Here’s how we stay organized in our small homes…without compromising style. Continue reading


How Do I Organize All My New House Keys?

When you arrive at your new home sweet home chances are that you will be welcomed with a whole new slew of keys to sort through and figure out.
how to organize house keysjdA new set of keys for the front door’s deadbolt, a few copies of keys for the garage, more keys for the shed, and don’t forget about those keys for the screen doors. SO. MANY. KEYS!!!! Here’s our cheap ingredient list for how to organize house keys. Continue reading