Homeowners – Here’s your Fall To Do List to Prep for Winter


Last week, we showed you how to transform your front yard to welcome the new fall season. But let’s be honest, being a homeowner isn’t just about making your home look good. You also want a home that works well and runs smoothly all four seasons of the year. With winter just a couple of months away, you’ll want to start to prepare your home now so you can easily transition to the brutally cold season.


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Show Off Your Fall Front Yard


We’ve all seen it. That home on the block that goes waaaaay overboard when it comes to any holiday or season.

Christmas… 50 blow up Santas in the yard.
Easter… 6ft eggs covering every inch of the lawn.
Fall… pumpkins, gourds, plastic Halloween figures, cobwebs, and a witch on the roof.

Yep, just about every neighborhood has that house.

We know you don’t want to be the crazy person with too many lawn ornaments, but no one wants to be a complete Debbie Downer either, with absolutely nothing outside of their home. So today we want to chat about how you can welcome the fall season in that nice “in between zone.” Adding a bit of fall celebration without being too over the top.

Moving 101

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Where to Buy Moving Blankets

Moving Blanket on a Piano

So last week, we enlisted a Moving Expert to answer all of our pressing questions about Furniture Pads. Are they really necessary? What should we use them for? Can we rent or buy them? What do they even do?!

This week, we are back with the breakdown of where to moving blankets. These fancy quilts, also called furniture pads, come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and quantities, but at the end of the day, it’s all about what is right for YOUR move and how you can save a buck or two.

Moving 101


When we researched where to buy moving blankets specifically (72″ x 80″ to be exact), here’s what we found at first…

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Furniture Pads: A Moving Must

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When you’re in the middle of a big move, it may seem like you’re throwing money out the window.

You’re buying boxes, you’re getting extra tape, you’re renting a truck…ca-ching! ca-ching! ca-ching! Yeah, we never said moving was going to be completely free.  Sometimes when you feel like you’re spending dolla dolla bills left and right, you may be hesitant going into each and every purchase.

Take furniture pads for instance (or movers blankets)… do you really need to shell out extra dough for them? Do you really need to add them to your moving supplies list?

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‘Densifying’ a Book Box With Fragile Items – Move Expert Series

Photo of a Book Box

This post is part of our “How do I pack a ____” series – a set of posts written for our helpers by move expert Kevin Kato, focused on furthering their packing skills. As a customer, you’ll probably benefit by knowing how our helpers do things and pick up some money saving secrets on how to pack yourself.

Picture This…

This month we touch on the book box. The heavy, dense, bottom-load book box. The last place we want to put anything breakable or even crackable.

And we are going to take that book box and pack a few breakable, crackable items in it. Continue reading