Spring Cleaning Hacks – All Natural Alternatives

Did you know that you probably have some all-natural, no-brainer cleaning agents in your home as we speak? Homemade remedies are quite the rage now-a-days, and the pressure for society to go green is smack dab in the spotlight.

Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with all-natural alternatives to clean (totally up to you, no one is judging here), today’s “Did you know?!” spring cleaning tips will provide you with some “alternative ways” to clean without breaking the bank & having to invest in a whole new slew of all-natural cleaning gear. Who knew that household items could double as some serious Spring Cleaning All-Stars?

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How Do I Apply For Jobs I Really Want?

At HireAHelper, we’re always looking for quality candidates to fill our Customer Service Rep positions. Every spring, in the ramp up to the busy moving season, we start hiring in earnest. This year we have received dozens of resumes, some good and some not so great.

While sorting through resumes, we thought to ourselves, “What a great opportunity to help others help themselves!” So, here are our thoughts on how you can better apply for jobs you’re desperate to land.

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Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power*

(*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA)

Our CEO, Mike Glanz (pictured below) is a pretty driven guy. None of us are sure how he gets so much done while pulling so many pranks.

Photo of HireAHelper CEO Mike Glanz Pulling a WheelieWell, his secret is finally out – and we decided to share it with the world. In an email sent out early this morning with the subject of, “FOOD – The secret to a marginally better day…” Glanz revealed that the secret to his superhuman work ethic is breakfast. Not just any breakfast, but a secret blend of just the right superfoods he calls, “Mike’s Super Secret Breakfast of Energy, Wealth, Knowledge, and Power.” Here are two variations that give the CEO of a multi-thousand dollar web startup his gusto.

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Spring DEEP Cleaning: 6 Overlooked Areas In Your Home

Now that it’s April, so many people have Spring Cleaning on the mind. Sure, it’s great to purge your closet, freshen up your linens, and clean those dirty windows… but let’s really dive into this and do a nice DEEP CLEANING of your home.


Here are some home areas that are often neglected during routine cleaning.  So whether you’re doing an annual spring clean…or you’re moving into a new home, and you question the cleanliness of the previous homeowners…you may want to add these spots to your cleaning to-do list!

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The Mover’s Guide to Spring Cleaning: Free Printable Checklist

It’s officially SPRING! And guess what that means? Time to dive head-first into the joys of Spring Cleaning. Hip, hip, hooray? Well, maybe that’s a little generous, but something about spring and a fresh start seem pretty attractive after a loooooong winter of cold. In honor of Spring Cleaning, we put together a series that we are calling:

IMG_5222To kick-off the Mover’s Guide to Spring Cleaning we have put together a checklist of weekly, monthly, & yearly cleaning tasks to stay clean in your new pad (we even made a free printable version). Spring is a time to start fresh, and Spring in a new home is the ultimate way to start clean and more importantly, STAY clean. Following these essentials will help you do just that. Continue reading