The Most Common Mistakes in Moving Your Alarm System are These


According to the FBI, home burglaries are the most common threat to a home. Burglars are nearly three times more likely to target homes without alarm systems.

There’s a loophole in the alarm system marketplace though; People cite moving as the number one reason why they cancel their alarm system service. Considering the average amount of times a person moves in their lifetime is currently calculated at over 11, now must be a good time to be a burglar.

But there are ways to make moving an alarm system a way more effective. Yeah, moving the system can be a pain, but these things will make the entire process far more effective and easier.

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How to Make A Gift Card Extremely Memorable


Moving is a time to celebrate! There’s nothing like a fresh start, so take this opportunity to show the new homeowners or renters in our lives a little extra love during their special time. We’ve rounded up some adorable ideas to gift new homeowners here and here, but we also know that many people prefer the safe & easy route of giving a gift card.

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6 Crucial Energy Drains to Tweak Immediately In Your New Home


A glaring fact from the home owning world: most homeowners lose a couple hundred dollars a year from neglecting very basic energy settings.

And we get it. You just spent the last 7 weeks rearranging your life and now – Finally! – you’re in your new home. But before you get too comfortable and move on with your life, take a look at this list to make sure you don’t unknowingly lose energy (and money) from right under your nose.

Specifically, these 6 general areas are quick to check, and you can often see the savings immediately.

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An Easy Trick to Never Forget the Name of Your Paint Shade

paint-organization-graphicWhen it comes to home decorating, we often find that the hardest decision happens right at the very beginning of the design process…which exact paint shade are we going to choose? Picking one specific color from hundreds of options can be incredibly overwhelming! And because this decision is such a tough one, we want to make sure that you never ever forget that PERFECT color you chose for your home’s walls.

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The Absolute First Project to Tackle in your New Home


Today, we’re giving you a DIY project that every single person should complete when they move into a new home. Yes, every.single.person. We don’t care if you rent, or just purchased your own little slice of real estate, this is a task that everyone should tackle if they’re moving into a bathroom that isn’t brand, sparkling new.

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