Wacky Moving Strategies From Around the Globe (VIDEO)

Redneck Couch Moving

World-Class Movers – Or Not

We’re taking advantage of some late-autumn down time to head across the Pacific. That’s right! We’re making our way to Japan to see how things are done over there in the moving business. Not surprisingly, they’ve got it down to an impeccable science. We’ll also make a stop in South Korea for a peek into a truly uplifting high-rise move-in experience, then pass through Russia for a quick tutorial on how not to move stuff into a third-floor apartment. Finally, back stateside, we’ll take a look at some of our own home-grown moving ingenuity.

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How To Always Be Guest-Ready

Always be guest ready!

We’ve already chatted all about how to prepare your guest room for visitors, and we’re thinking that those tips are definitely going to come in handy this holiday season. Bring on the out-of-towners, we know you’re ready to rock those sleepovers!

But today we want to chat about how you can ALWAYS be guest-ready. We’re not talking overnight guests, instead we want to chat about those people who just like to “pop in” for a “quick drink.” The ones who are “just in the neighborhood” and want to “swing by.” Yep, it’s those last-minute guests who usually have you scrambling, running around like a crazy person, barking orders at your children, and cursing yourself for not visiting the grocery store so you could have a stocked fridge full of goodies.

Moving 101

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10 GENIUS Life Hacks for Moving

Potential Buyers coming over? Quick….

You have to check out these brilliant life hacks that you could quickly and easily  incorporate into your own home! In no time at all, your place will be ready to knock those socks off anyone that comes to check it out!

Remove Pet Hair from your Carpet

Pet Hair and trying to sell your home don’t always go hand-in-hand. Here’s an easy way to get the pet out without actually getting the pet…. out.

Moving 101

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10 Signs It’s Time to Move

HIMYM Cockamouse Pests - Reasons to Move
Unless you’re still living in your parent’s basement (hey, no shame in saving your pennies!) then you’ve probably gone through a moving adventure. Maybe you moved for a new job, a budding relationship, or you were just ready to upgrade to a larger home…no matter the reason, we sincerely hope you didn’t have to move for any of the following reasons.

Here are 10 signs that it may be time to pack up and hit the road.

1. You have a “Monica” Closet…okay, maybe all of your closets are Monica Closets.

Monica Closet
Moving 101

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