The Heat Is On – Ideas for Movers to Stay Hydrated

Proper Hydration Research

We as movers are no strangers to sweat. Gatorade, then, can seem as integral to the job as a hand truck. Especially now, with the mercury erupting, we have to know how to keep our energy up and our internal cooling systems running – right through to the end of the day.

But when the morning begins to heat up… under the scorching midday sun… in the eleventh moving hour – is Gatorade the best way to go? We want to be at our healthy, hydrated best throughout the day. So this month we do a little digging into the methods and myths of healthy replenishment (including that evening-time after-work beer).

So without further procrastination we offer this wellspring of information as a source of inspiration for combating our daily perspiration. (Sorry, we just had to say it!)

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How to Choose the Right Real Estate Agent for You


Choosing a real estate agent is similar to choosing a spouse. For both you want….

  • Someone who understands your needs.
  • Someone who you enjoy being around.
  • Someone who will help you make important decisions.

See…it may sound crazy but choosing the right real estate agent really is a bit like playing the dating game! Buying or selling a home just might be the largest purchase you make, so it’s important to work with an agent you trust in order to navigate this financial decision in a way that works for you.

If you’re a terrible dater, don’t worry. We’re here with the scoop to help you find and choose the right real estate agent for you. Since we’re neither pros at dating or real estate, we decided to enlist the help of an actual professional. Paige Scheetz is a Real Estate Executive who has immersed herself in the biz for the past 14 years. Today she is sharing all of her juicy secrets so you can find your perfect match in the world of real estate.

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How a Fanny Pack Changed My Moving Day

I was recently a part of my little sister’s move from a high-rise in the city of Chicago to a quaint house in the suburbs.  She assigned me some pretty hefty responsibilities throughout the day, as she ran around helping guide her team to make sure things went smoothly. While she manned the elevator, I was in charge of the “Command Center” inside. This is when a Fanny Pack changed this move for me.

Fanny Pack


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A Moving Timeline & To-Do List for an Organized Move

Planning a move is almost like planning a wedding these days. Organization, execution, and one heck of a running to-do list will make your big day a magical one! A day with little drama, lots of happy tears, and a future of happily ever after in your new digs is what you and your moving team should be aiming towards. But happily ever after doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any happy bride, a happy mover needs to be organized and have a plan in place to make it all run smoothly… because no one likes the moving equivalent to bride-zilla. Yikes!

So picture today’s post as the digital “event planner” for your upcoming move. We’ve got a moving timeline for ya, and we’re here to whip your rear into shape and make sure we do everything we can to keep your move organized… one to do list reminder at a time. Check. Check. Double CHECK!moving timeline to-do list

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Moving Boxes: Price Comparison for these Moving Must-Haves

Moving Boxes Price Comparison Infographic

A few months back we compared the costs of FOR SALE signs because heck, getting the most BANG for your BUCK is pretty dang important in any move. Who doesn’t like to save a buck or two?! Just think… less money spent on moving costs means more money to spend on cocktails at your upcoming house-warming party. Cheers to that! In that case, we figured, “why limit the saving to just For Sale signs?” Why not get the most bang for your buck in every aspect of moving? So next up on our cost comparison chopping block- Moving Boxes.

Of course, some of you future movers can probably snag a few FREE boxes from friends, neighbors, workplaces, or even as secret dumpster divers just after dusk. Trust us, no one is judging…. free is FREE and if it means you have to flirt with an old banana peel or two to get FREE, more power to ya!

But when the free inventory has been exhausted and you’re stuck paying for the rest of your moving boxes, we have your back! Here’s what our moving boxes price comparison research revealed… Continue reading