Cardboard Art Projects: 9 Creative Uses For Moving Boxes


Don’t throw away those moving boxes just yet! We have some creative and genius ways to reuse, recycle and have some serious fun with that extra cardboard. Here are 9 DIY cardboard art projects to save you some money on those new-homeowner projects that we’ve all faced as we settled into our new homes.

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10 Signs It’s Time to Move if you Live in the FROZEN World


10 Signs It's Time To Move From Your Frozen World

Most of the country has been hit by Old Man Winter. It’s been brutal, it’s been cold, it’s been brutally cold. Let’s just say spring can’t come soon enough. But for most of us…we won’t see any signs of spring for many, many weeks. And if you have just had enough…well then it might be time to channel your inner bird and fly south. Here are 10 signs it might be time to leave your FROZEN world.

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Where’s My Stapler? A DIY Tool Organization & Storage Idea

Tool Organization - How To Stop Losing Tools

New homeowners tend to acquire quite the collection of tools when they first move in. Trips to local hardware stores, shower gifts, fixes that somehow require that single tool you don’t have in your collection all attribute to a random pile of tools.

Pretty quickly, I’m sure you feel like you have plenty, actually you probably think you have too many when the dust settles, but trust me when I say that this enormous collection of tools will mysteriously be hidden in every nook and cranny of your home in about a year IF you don’t get those bad boys under control with some serious tool organization right from the start.

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2014 Celebrity Real Estate Moves That You Won’t Believe!

You thought your neighbors were watching you as you packed up and left town? Hmm… these celebrities would probably beg to differ! Their shocking real estate moves this past year have more than just their neighbors taking notice. Allow us to fill you in on some of the most surprising celebrity real estate news of 2014.

Justin Bieber

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Where Can I Move To Save Money On Rent? (Hint: Famous Song About Peaches)

Busy City Street

At some point, everyone considers giving it all up, leaving the traffic, pollution, and stress of the city life and moving to the country.

Perhaps, you’ve had visions of walking barefoot through a grassy meadow with the sun shining down on you and no cares in the world – or even just being able to afford more house for less money. Then, the alarm rings and you’re waking up to reality. But it could be your reality.

Wait. What? That’s right, with rental prices dropping in some smaller towns, the ability to work from just about anywhere with a broadband connection, and everyone else and their mother (literally) sticking with big cities, you could move near that meadow any day now. It’s up to you, young Jedi.

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