A Moving Timeline & To-Do List for an Organized Move

Planning a move is almost like planning a wedding these days. Organization, execution, and one heck of a running to-do list will make your big day a magical one! A day with little drama, lots of happy tears, and a future of happily ever after in your new digs is what you and your moving team should be aiming towards. But happily ever after doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any happy bride, a happy mover needs to be organized and have a plan in place to make it all run smoothly… because no one likes the moving equivalent to bride-zilla. Yikes!

So picture today’s post as the digital “event planner” for your upcoming move. We’ve got a moving timeline for ya, and we’re here to whip your rear into shape and make sure we do everything we can to keep your move organized… one to do list reminder at a time. Check. Check. Double CHECK!moving timeline to-do list

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Moving Boxes: Price Comparison for these Moving Must-Haves

Moving Boxes Price Comparison Infographic

A few months back we compared the costs of FOR SALE signs¬†because heck, getting the most BANG for your BUCK is pretty dang important in any move. Who doesn’t like to save a buck or two?! Just think… less money spent on moving costs means more¬†money to spend on cocktails at your upcoming house-warming party. Cheers to that! In that case, we figured, “why limit the saving to just For Sale signs?” Why not get the most bang for your buck in every aspect of moving? So next up on our cost comparison chopping block- Moving Boxes.

Of course, some of you future movers can probably snag a few FREE boxes from friends, neighbors, workplaces, or even as secret dumpster divers just after dusk. Trust us, no one is judging…. free is FREE and if it means you have to flirt with an old banana peel or two to get FREE, more power to ya!

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Neighbor Etiquette: How to Be a Good Neighbor

You just moved into your new home – the moving truck is gone, your boxes are unpacked, and you’re starting to feel settled in your new home! But there is still one more thing you need to complete on your moving checklist. It’s time to meet your neighbors!

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How to Pack a Moving Box Like a Pro: The Basics

We’re just going to take a shot in the dark here and assume that you probably don’t have “expert packer” on your resume. Just a lucky guess that a majority of you are like us…you have no flippin’ clue how to efficiently pack a moving box. But don’t feel bad, because after today’s post you just might be able to add that new skill to your resume alongside “effective communicator” and “team player.”
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3 Ways to Help Your Customer Streamline Their Move

Picture of a Neon Sign Brain

Lightening the Load

When a customer comes a-calling, he or she wants more than just our bodies. Yes, our customers want us for our minds too! We are the experts. We know what works, from the pack to the load to the unload.

But long before we pull the truck up to their door on move day we can start making things easier for all involved. Here are 3 suggestions. Continue reading