Celebrate Your City with these New Home Announcements

Moving Home Announcement PostcardWe are all about snail mail. I mean who doesn’t love opening up their mailbox to be greeted with mail from friends & family…instead of another bill or catalog?! It’s safe to say we’re all heart-eyed-emojied for snail mail and we’ll use any excuse to whip out our address books and stamps. Continue reading


Real People: A Crosstown Chicago Move

Box and TruckI believe that every move has its challenges. Whether you’re moving across town, or across the US, boxing up your entire life and transporting it to another location can be rough. My last move falls into the former category, as my husband and I had to move less than 5 miles from our apartment to a newly purchased condo. Even though this was the shortest moving distance we’ve ever tackled (check out our St. Louis to Chicago move here), it was still an exhausting process. Continue reading


How to Save Screws and Nails When Moving

Quick Tip for Moving: Bag up the Details

HAH-moving-baggieI’m currently packing up our rental and that means I’m spending lots of time taking everything off of our walls. Even though we’re renters, I went above & beyond to make our home…well, homey! I hung shelves, I hung window treatments, I hung picture ledges,  and it’s safe to say I made lots of holes in our drywall along the way. (Good thing I followed this tutorial to patch those holes up fast!)

Here’s 3 simple steps to save screws and nails as you take down your TV wall mount, floating shelves and custom coat rack. Continue reading


Being Number Smart During Your Move

A guest post by Matthew Veling of NumberBarn

Number Barn - Be Number Smart During Your Move

It’s a smart phone world. Like most of us, you probably own and extensively use a smart phone. It is the access point that manages your calls, texts, email, business and social world. You take it everywhere you go. It holds your contacts, appointments, photos and has that addictive game you just love to play. And it’s not cheap. And it’s probably not the only smart phone in your home. So when moving why not save yourself the cost of another monthly bill and retain the rights to your old home phone number? Continue reading


Let’s Get Moving: Hut, Hut, HIKE!

football_helmet wining moveThe NFL season kicks off tonight and football fans all across the country are pumped up and ready for the action to begin! In honor of the start of football season, we thought it only necessary to channel our inner quarterback to see how we could tackle the moving process like a champ.

Because heck, when it comes to moving everyone needs a gameplan for a successful, winning move! So whether you’re the commissioner of your Fantasy Football League, or think a Hail Mary is just a prayer (guilty!), we believe you should follow the steps below to make your move a big win. Continue reading