How to Move to Canada

canada flag

The maple leaves are calling. You have found yourself singing, “Oh Canada,” and watching hockey (with actual interest). Now, you’re ready to douse yourself in real maple syrup and get stuck on your neighbor to the north. But before you get yourself into a sticky situation, recognize that Canada is actually not part of the United States, so moving there requires some serious effort. In fact, it can take up to two years to file all the correct paperwork and get approval.

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Where Can I Move To Save Money On Rent? (Hint: Famous Song About Peaches)

Busy City Street

At some point, everyone considers giving it all up, leaving the traffic, pollution, and stress of the city life and moving to the country.

Perhaps, you’ve had visions of walking barefoot through a grassy meadow with the sun shining down on you and no cares in the world – or even just being able to afford more house for less money. Then, the alarm rings and you’re waking up to reality. But it could be your reality.

Wait. What? That’s right, with rental prices dropping in some smaller towns, the ability to work from just about anywhere with a broadband connection, and everyone else and their mother (literally) sticking with big cities, you could move near that meadow any day now. It’s up to you, young Jedi.

Moving 101

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Survey Shows Most Move For New Jobs

Moving for Business

A delicious offer to be a plant manager of a large baked goods company swayed the Taffer family to move from Kentucky to Oklahoma.

“My husband had tried a different avenue, but the food industry is in his blood,” says Wendy Harrison Taffer, who, along with the couple’s two hound dogs and some of her college-bound son’s stuff (so “he’ll have it when he visits the new home”), will soon be meeting up with her husband who has already relocated. “I’m a pediatric RN and after 25 years of marriage, it’s always easy for me to find a job.” This time around, her husband’s bliss was at stake, after all, she reasons. Continue reading