DIY Corner: Organized Unpacking – How Do I Remember What Goes Where?

Welcome back to the DIY Corner. Today, Casey & Bridget wrote up an easy answer to, “How Do I Remember What Goes Where?” 

Have you ever taken things off a shelf to dust and then totally forgotten how to rearrange the pieces to make it look just how you liked it before? Annoying right? Well, moving is that feeling but 500x worse.

As you unpack that box of your favorite living room photo montage, you may think to yourself,

“Wait, I know these picture frames looked cute together at our old place, but I don’t remember how they were arranged.”

Sound familiar? Well, ladies and gentlemen, worry no more!

Simple solution: Take pictures of everything (and we mean everything) in your house before you start packing. Accessories on the shelves, gallery walls of pictures, pillow arrangements, cabinet organization – everything!



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Either get those pictures developed or if you’re living in the 21st Century, go ahead and save them on your computer to reference as you unpack your new place. When you go to set up that old entertainment center, you’ll know exactly where to put what and you’ll be feeling “home” in no time!

And these picture reference points aren’t just for our home décor divas out there. These pics can be helpful for our electronically challenged peeps too. Like when you take down your flat screen TV and save all of the parts, but have no clue how to even start to re-mount that bad boy. You can turn to your photo album to get a better idea of how the heck you’re going to get your pride and joy back up on the wall in time to tune in for Sunday’s big game. Ohh… that screw goes there and this thingy-ma-bopper goes over here. Noowwww I get it.


IMG_0007So before you even start boxing up the goods, make sure you give your old house the photo shoot it deserves. Partly because you want to freeze those memories for years and years to come, but mostly because you want to reference those close-ups as you unpack and get organized at the new crib!


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4 thoughts on “DIY Corner: Organized Unpacking – How Do I Remember What Goes Where?

  1. I love all your ideas. Thank you!

  2. very smart. Thanks

  3. I’ve found this idea useful in many ways. At Christmastime, I bring out my Christmas china and stoneware and put away my everyday stuff. For many years I could never get things put back right after the holidays. I finally decided to take a photo of each area and it has worked great.

  4. Wish I had seen this YEARS AGO! Now to get it done….

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