Migration in America, 2015

2015 Moving Migration Trends

Making Sense of the Van Lines’ Numbers

The 2015 National Movers Study numbers are out! Time once again to see where people in the USA have been moving to and from, based on the reports of United, Allied and Atlas Van Lines.

Of course, as Eric Clapton once said, “It’s in the way that you use it.” The van lines all have different numbers to work with, and each works them in different ways to determine just how many people are heading where. In turn, different states will use different study results, making for some conflicting conclusions across the country.

So who was the big move migration winner of 2015, Oregon or Texas? And how did others fare? Let’s hear what our industry associates have to say. Continue reading


Summer Moving Infographic

If you’re moving this summer, it’s probably out of New York and into Washinton DC. How’d I know? Because I did a TON of research to put together this humble infographic crammed full of interesting moving habits and facts (below). So if you are moving this summer or even this month (May is National Moving Month after all) be sure you have your facts straight with our handy dandy summer moving infographic. Don’t be shy, check it out. And we won’t be mad if you want to share it with all your friends. (click the infograph for an interactive version over on infogr.am)

Summer Moving Infographic

Written, partly researched and designed by yours truly, Daniel Horning.