6 Eye Catching Bathroom Trends That Will Pump Up Your Resale Value


After sharing the 2016 trends in Kitchen Design, we were inspired to keep diving into more of the hottest design trends in home decor from 2016. This time around, we are tackling a space that may be a lot smaller than the kitchen but works just as hard for you…THE BATHROOM.

Making over the bathroom may not always be at the top of our priority list (especially if you’re on a tight budget!), but upgrading these small spaces can really make a big impact when the realtor comes to show off the place, or heck, even if you just think it’s time to make your bathroom awesome. Here are six sweet trends that can instantly bring your bathroom up-to-date.

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The Absolute First Project to Tackle in your New Home


Today, we’re giving you a DIY project that every single person should complete when they move into a new home. Yes, every.single.person. We don’t care if you rent, or just purchased your own little slice of real estate, this is a task that everyone should tackle if they’re moving into a bathroom that isn’t brand, sparkling new.

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