What If My Furniture Won’t Fit Down The Stairs?

Photo of a Couch off a Balcony 1

My first year of college, my roommates had an amazing giant couch they wanted to move in to our third floor apartment suite. The living room itself was big enough. Unfortunately, the 3 flights of stairs weren’t.

Luckily my roommates were engineering majors (aka insatiable problem solvers). They had the window disassembled and rope hung out the window opening within minutes.

We got an email this week from NES movers with some pictures of a recent move involving a similarly tricky multi-story furniture move situation. They handled it like the pros that they are!

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Notice the padding wrapped around each piece and the safety straps – extra precaution that would’ve been smart my freshman year. But at least we had enough “man” power! (18 year-old college students count as men, right?)

Moving the couch out of my first apartment was a piece of cake. By the end of the year the poor thing was so torn apart we decided to put it out of its misery… with a saw. We cut the behemoth in half and it went down the flights of stairs like butter.

If you’re moving out of your college housing soon but still love your couch and need help moving it out in one piece,  we know just the place to look for friendly local moving services, like NES. If your furniture won’t fit down the stairs, all you need is a little help (and some rope)!

Full length shot of that drop:

Moving Furniture Off a Balcony


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