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5 Areas to Deep Clean Before You Sell

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You only have one chance to make a first impression, right?! So when it’s time for an interview, a first date, or time to meet the future in-laws, it just makes sense that you would spend some extra time “cleaning up”. Maybe you’d get a fresh haircut, possibly a manicure… anything you could do to make that amazing first impression is well worth it, right?

Houses are no different, especially when they’re on the market to be sold. Your house only has one chance to make a first impression on potential buyers during an open house or a showing so spending extra time and effort to get your home in tip-top shape is worth it!

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing a step-by-step guide in helping your home’s first impression turn into love at first sight for those potential buyers– first up, 5 areas to clean before you sell.

1. Shower/Bathtub

5 Areas to Clean Before You Sell - BathroomImage via Duell Plumbing And Heating

There’s nothing worse than checking out an open house only to find a gross bathroom that looks like the bath tub hasn’t been cleaned since the previous owners. Dis-gust-ing! Although it probably shouldn’t be, this gross impression can be a deal breaker for potential buyers.

Washing the shower, bathtub and bathroom in general is a MUST and when we say washing, we mean a deep clean! There should be no soap residue on the bath, no residue on the shower head, and no toiletries exposed. To keep the bathroom looking extra clean, corral that bathroom clutter and store it out of sight during the showing. Remember, you only have one chance to make a first impression!

2. Kitchen

5 Areas to Clean Before You Sell - Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the heart of the home needs to be in good shape. I know it sounds crazy since you feel like you’re on your way out of this house, but it’s important that the cabinets are clean and organized so the potential buyers know how functional and efficient this kitchen really is.

After organizing and de-cluttering, make sure the splattered spaghetti sauce on the backsplash is completely cleaned, the microwave is sanitized, and most importantly, the oven doesn’t look like one from a frat house.

3. Laundry Room

5 Areas to Clean Before You Sell - Laundry Room

Image via HouseLogic

Crazy, right?! Wrong! The laundry room matters during a walk-thru and trying to de-clutter this space will help future buyers highlight the size and function of the room rather than on the mess or limited amount of space. And much like the bathroom, make sure the appliances are clean, the soap is hidden, and the sink (if applicable) is also clean.

4. Garage / Unfinished Basement

5 Areas to Clean Before You Sell - Garage or Basement

Image via DzineSteps

If you have an unfinished basement or a grungy garage, you don’t want these spaces to scare anyone away because they are convinced your home was the site of a 90’s horror film. Instead of highlighting the creepy, do whatever you can to eliminate the scary. You can do this by turning on lights, opening doors, and cleaning up these spaces the best that you can.

5. Closets

5 Areas to Clean Before You Sell - Bedroom Closet

Image via HGTV (who doesn’t love HGTV??)

Having enough closet space is very high on most homeowner’s priority lists these days. Making sure your storage areas look their best will help prove that your home’s closet spaces are currently working efficiently, which will help prove to the potential buyers that these organized closets will work well with their stuff too!

If you need to remove some of the clothing or shoes while in the home selling process to make your closets looked less “packed to the max” then we recommend doing that! The more organized these spaces look, the better!

Next week we will tackle the next 5 things that homeowners can do as they prepare to show their house to potential buyers. In the meantime, happy Spring cleaning!


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