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8 Clever Holiday Cardboard Hacks

Posted in: I'm Moving, Seasonal & Holidays

Happy Holidays! Whether you just moved into your new place or are an avid online shopper, most of us are guilty of having a little extra cardboard around the house at any given moment. And for most of us, this valuable tool does its job transporting and then quickly gets retired to the garbage.

Instead of hauling that leftover cardboard to the curb immediately, have you ever thought of using it in a new way in your home? Maybe to help stay organized or just to add a little extra holiday spirit around your place?

No, we have not gone crazy and yes, we do believe with a little creativity your old moving boxes can be repurposed to actually dress up your new place for the holiday! Not only would this be cutting down on your waste, upcycling your leftover cardboard could even save you some money this holiday season.

Before you officially think we’ve bought a one-way ticket to Crazytown, check out these super clever holiday cardboard hacks. One moving box at a time, we are determined get in the holiday spirit….

1. Reindeer via My Crafted Dayschristmas2-001

Oh deer! Another cardboard project we are loving this season is this cardboard deer head. Hang it on the wall and make a big impact on your decor without making a big impact on your budget.

2. Kids Christmas Craft turned holiday decor via MerMag BlogChristmas3

Not only are these trees SUPER simple to make, we love the idea that the kids can get involved on this holiday cardboard hack. Cut two triangles out of an old box, make slits down the middle of each and fit together to make a 3D tree. Then invite the kids to decorate these one-of-a-kind trees to their liking. Glue, markers, glitter…. what a great way to keep the little ones busy while also offering them a project that can be displayed year after year!

3. Build the snowmen indoors via Pinterest Christmas4-001

Who says you need snow to make snowmen?! Skip the freezing temperatures and build your very own snowmen INSIDE! These upcycled boxes are covered in white paper, stacked, and decorated. And the best part of this whole projects? Your hard work will never melt away. We promise.

4. Inexpensive Garland via Meisi Photography on Flickr

Cut shapes, punch a hole, and thread the ribbon through to create a simple garland that can dress up any space. We love the idea of even cutting our gingerbread shapes and decorating them to hang this garland in the kitchen. Another great way to get the kids involved this holiday season!

5. Cardboard Christmas trees via Trend HunterChristmas1

We love this simple yet gorgeous display of DIY Christmas trees made from upcycled cardboard. All you have to do is cut out large (imperfect) triangle and poke holes for the lights to peep through. Talk about affordable decor….

6. Say no to tangled lights via BuzzFeed


Is it just us, or do all Christmas lights seem to be a tangled mess every year when you go to put them up? No matter how organized we think we were when we put them away last year, the knots just won’t go away! This year we are going to try this trick and HOPE that it means that outdoor decorating won’t be such a frustrating mess next year.

7. Keep wrapping paper for becoming a hot mess via Babble Christmas7


How genius is this holiday hack? For those darn wrapping paper rolls that won’t seem to stay organized, add an old toilet paper roll and stick it one each roll. Now your gift wrapping station is bound to stay neat and orderly, right?

8. DIY Ornaments via Country LivingChristmas 8

What’s not to love about these adorable s’more ornaments? Pair some marshmallow garland with a collection of these ornaments and your tree will be one happy camper! (Pun fully intended).

Pretty festive, right? For even more cardboard hacks, check out these creative ideas and these kid-friendly cardboard hacks here!


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