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Filner, It’s Time to Move

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Many of us here at HireAHelper are native San Diegans. We’ve enjoyed all the perks of growing up in America’s finest city: the warm sun on the sands of La Jolla Shores…school field trips to beautiful Balboa Parkthat one time we went to the Super Bowl

Now our business is based here, and we can appreciate how San Diego has only gotten better.  We’re chasing our dream of becoming the nation’s top craft beer brewing city (watch your back, Portland), we’ve birthed 6 new pandas, and somehow we were even named America’s #1 city for pizza *shrugs at Chicago and New York*.

Yet, we can’t even savor our pepperoni-flavored victory, because now, in their indignation, the Chicago Tribune has shot back with:

San Diego: We’ll give you best climate. We’ll even give you best summer vacation spot. You’re down for best zoo. And of course, best scandal (ahem, Mayor Bob Filner?)

And that was fairly mild. In case you hadn’t noticed, Mayor Filner is now a national joke. Conan, Leno, and Jon Stewart are all getting in on the act, and our city is the punchline.

It’s so disappointing to see San Diego’s reputation dragged through the mud because of our mayor’s actions. That’s why it’s time for him to go.  And that’s not us saying it, it’s literally EVERYONE. Yeah, that’s right, we said “literally.”

The list includes all nine members of San Diego city council, both California Senators Boxer and Feinstein, Assembly Speaker John Perez, and Senate Majority Leader Darrell Steinberg.  Not to mention 81% of San Diegans, and finally, just last week, U.S. House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi called for him to resign:

Perhaps, though, the essence of all of these calls for his resignation was typified best by our very own newspaper, the U-T San Diego, which didn’t blur the lines when it came to its opinion last week:

Wow. Yeah, that just happened.

So with all of these calls for his resignation and all of this public humiliation, why won’t Filner just resign and let San Diego start to move on?  We’re thinking that maybe the hassle of finding good movers could be the only thing keeping Bob from stepping down.

At HireAHelper, we know what a hassle moving is.  We do our part to lessen that hassle for do-it-yourself movers every day by providing the easiest way to compare and book moving labor on the web.

So, in order to help San Diego stay classy, is offering San Diego City Hall free loading and unloading help to move Mayor Filner out of office. The taxpayers of San Diego are going to be paying enough for his lawsuits and recall effort, so we’ll be using our moving hack to save them money on Bob’s move out.

So like the U-T TV parody says:

“Let’s just get past this. You make us look bad. The nation’s laughing.”

It’s time to move on.


About HireAHelper:  Sometimes you move because a better job is calling.  Sometimes it’s because you found a sweet new pad.  And sometimes it’s because you’re a national punchline with an angry mob outside your office.
Whatever your situation may be, HireAHelper can always help you compare and book the right movers to load and unload your rental truck or storage container, nationwide.


  1. bloggoneit

    Thank you for this wonderful offer to the people of San Diego. I know I greatly appreciate it.

    1. Ryan

      Thanks for your kind comment! We really mean it, and we hope he takes us up on it. Looks like he’s on his way out, and if you listen to the people of San Diego they’re ANGRY, and don’t want to see another dime spent on Filner getting out of office.

  2. Casey and Bridget

    This is hilarious! Great post guys!

    But…we firmly believe that Chi-town has the best pizza. Sorry, Barney Stinson #deepdishalltheway

    The Rookies, DIY Playbook

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