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Moving Secret #347: How to Eat Well and Exercise During a Move

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A whole pint of ice cream sounds like a great dinner.

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Moving is ranked as one of the top three most stressful life events. Here at HireAHelper, we want to prepare you for the different aspects of your move so it’s not as stressful! One such aspect that may not have crossed your mind is the issue of healthy eating and exercise during your move. But when you think about it, proper exercise and nutrition are two of the best ways to cope with stress! Unfortunately, pizza and beer are the age-old standard food groups when moving. Here are some ways to avoid the greasy cheese, eat well, and still have an empty kitchen when you leave.


Sack Lunch Sign

Healthy Eating on the Go!

Plan Ahead for Meals.

The best way to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle during your move is to simply plan ahead. Regardless of whether you’re driving from coast to coast or merely across the state, you’ll need to know what your trip will look like. If it’s just a couple hours, pack a lunch, snack and drink. If you’ll drive a day or four, plan to bring a cooler. This doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, you just don’t want to fall prey to gas station desperation, that awful moment when you are so hungry and tired that you grab whatever the gas station offers – chips, nachos, donuts, pop, or the dreaded mystery hot dog. Not only is roadside food ridiculously expensive but eating greasy, sugary food will only make you more tired and lethargic (or quite possibly sick), which will in turn make your move more difficult and stressful!
Pack a Lunch

Eat and Drink Right for the Task At Hand.

If you plan to be lifting couches and loading a truck, make sure to take in food and drink that will give you the energy you need! With that said, don’t eat an enormous meal or you’ll definitely regret it. Eat smaller meals with healthy snacks scattered periodically in between. For the best start, remember to eat breakfast! Eating breakfast will get your metabolism rolling and boost your energy. If you’re worried about how to eat a healthy breakfast when your kitchen is packed up, choose hard-boiled eggs and some fruit from the store rather than a breakfast combo meal at your local fast food joint. Keep it raw, fresh and natural as possible!

It seems foundational, but keep hydrated by drinking water. Although caffeine gets a bad rap sometimes, a little caffeine can be beneficial. This falls under the old adage of “everything in moderation.” Have a cup of coffee in the morning to help you gain focus and get going, but then follow it with a full glass of water. Keeping a giant plastic water bottle nearby full of ice water will make sure you continue to hydrate throughout your day.

Pack Your Cooler or Paper Bag.

If you will be driving a truck or packing/unpacking over meals, pack quick and easy meals to eat on the go – sandwiches, wraps, cheese & crackers, fruit, veggies, hummus, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, trail mix, jerky, yogurt, bottles of water, etc. Worried about that sweet tooth? Throw in a couple small bottles of chocolate milk. That will help satisfy your sweet cravings and say “no” to candy bars along the way!

For those of you who will be on the road several days, pack what will last a couple days. You may need to stop at a grocery store along the way to replenish some items but you’ll also likely need to add some fresh ice. Don’t stress about having to make a couple pit stops. Take time to stop and replenish. It’s a great way to stretch your legs and get out of the truck or car.

** Tip: A week or two before your move, set aside your cooler(s), Tupperware, plastic ware, plastic baggies, and anything else you’ll need in order to pack your “to-go” meals.

Yoga Stretching Exercise

Exercise On the Go!

In the Car.

Sitting in a car for a long period of time can totally deplete your energy levels. While you’re in the vehicle, try shoulder shrugs to release shoulder and neck tension. Squeeze and clench stomach and gluteus muscles. Hold in for 10 seconds and release. If you’re not driving or can use cruise control, try toe raises. Lift your toes for 10 seconds and release. Then lift your heels for 10 seconds and release. The main thing is to keep your muscles moving. Try to run through these exercises once every hour.

Pit Stops.

When you stop for gas or to have lunch, walk around and stretch. Jump up and down, touch your toes, move around. If you happen to have an overnight stay, checkout the hotel gym. Spend at least 20 minutes running, biking or stair-stepping. You may be tired from sitting all day but keeping active will help you regain that energy!

We hope these tips help you maintain that healthy diet and lifestyle in the midst of your moving adventures. What tips can you share that have helped you eat right and stay active while moving?


About the author: Victoria is enjoying her summer time off from grad classes by soaking up rays, spending time with family and working with HireAHelper from her small town in Nebraska (a.k.a. “the Good Life”).

Photo Credits: David FulmerWonderlane, and Xamogelo


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