Real People: PODS vs. U-Pack ReloCubes

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Picture of Shiromi A.This post is part of our “Real People” series. Each post is written by a real person, not employed at HireAHelper, that actually used the service listed. These posts offer the inside scoop on the pros and cons of using moving equipment and services from moving container companies like PODS, U-Pack ReloCubes, and 1-800-Pack-Rat, or rental truck companies like Penske Truck Rental, Budget Moving Trucks, and U-Haul. Today’s post is from Shiromi A. of Seattle, WA.

My husband was retired military so we moved seven times in four years and I can tell you it never gets easier. You’d think we would have the moving thing down by now, but I find each move has its own set of unique challenges to overcome. When we decided to move from Portland, OR up to Seattle, WA to live near the water, we knew this would take some planning. We called around a few interstate moving companies but it was pricey. We didn’t want to rent a truck because you pay by the day and that time crunch can be stressful. My husband and I quickly came to the conclusion that either PODS or U-Pack ReloCubes would be our best bet.

Moving 101

This was our biggest question: PODS or U-Pack ReloCubes?

Based on our research, we figured two ReloCubes would be enough, and whatever was left over (clothes, toothbrush, etc.) could go in the car. We were certain two would be enough, but the beauty of the ReloCube was that we could just order three ReloCubes and only pay for the ones we use. Although we ended up going with the ReloCubes we did consider PODS but they were larger than we needed and would have taken up more space on the tiny driveway of the new house.

Let the pros pack the cube!

After booking the ReloCubes, U-Pack promptly delivered the containers to our house. Now we needed to figure out how to pack them. While there are a ton of great articles and video about how to pack a ReloCube, it would have been too stressful to do it ourselves. It’s one thing packing boxes and making sure things don’t get broken, but quite another to fit them “Tetris-style” into a container, making sure things don’t move around in transit. So we simply called a local moving company to have them load up the ReloCubes; a decision I don’t regret one bit. True, the beauty of containers is that you can pack them yourself over the course of several days (U-Pack gives you three days to load and unload your ReloCube), but the pros got everything quickly loaded and they used up every spare inch of the container.

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How secure are ReloCubes?

Since your entire life contents are in those ReloCubes, security is essential. We picked up a pair of heavy-duty padlocks to secure the two containers. These stay on until the cubes reach their final destination. Then, when everything was packed, we called the company and they came to pick up the cubes the next day. They told us we didn’t even have to be there when the containers were picked up, although we chose to stay and chat to the driver. As before, the U-Pack driver was prompt and friendly. He even gave us plenty of suggestions for things to do in Seattle. U-Pack also gave us a tracking number so we could monitor our shipment. Nothing like a little peace of mind when you’re moving 200 miles away.

We still stressed about the “what if's”, but the ReloCubes process made things a little less “headachey.”

On the other end.

Typically, once the ReloCubes arrive at your destination, you get a two-day grace period before you incur storage fees. Since we weren’t storing our goods, we simply placed a call to U-Pack, on arrival in Seattle, and scheduled a delivery time.

When the containers were delivered we decided to hire help again to unload them. It was nice to have someone else do all the labor, but I would say this isn’t nearly as essential as hiring professionals to pack the containers. When everything was unloaded we again called the company to have a driver pick up the empty ReloCubes, and that was it, all of our belongings were finally in one spot.

Was this an easy move? Not really. Moves are never easy. We still had our little hiccups, such as leaving our new house keys with our old landlord. We still stressed about the “what if’s”, but the ReloCubes process made things a little less headachey, and what more can you really ask for?


  1. Ben

    We are trying to choose between these same two options for a move from Florida to Ohio, and this was very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Daniel

      Glad it helped Ben! We’d love to hear about how your move went, who you chose, and if you need any help or have any move-related questions along the way.

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