How to Pack a Large Flat Screen TV (Without the Original Box)


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[Synopsis: When the customer doesn’t have the original box for their large flat screen, try this.]

Which of you has ever used a mirror carton to pack a flat screen television? Of course, a mirror pack is great for packing a flat screen.

Unless that flat screen is too big for a mirror pack. Or has a base that refuses to come off. Or if you don’t have the original packing.

Then what?

Well, please say hello to Trucker Billy.

In this YouTube video, our hero Billy uses a pillow-top mattress carton to fashion a customizable TV carton. Okay fine, this may not be heroic, but there are a few things he does that we really like.

  • He uses that pillow-top mattress carton to get the extra room he needs to be able to keep the base on the TV. This saves time and, possibly, the madness that would ensue if the base went missing.
  • He stuffs the corners of the carton with paper pads instead of packing paper. Paper pads might be a bit pricier than packing paper, but spending a few extra bucks to (potentially) save a TV that would cost several hundred if not a thousand or so to replace is, to us, a sound investment.
  • Trucker Billy also uses those paper pads in front of and behind the TV. These pads create a larger cushion than you can get with packing paper, so you don’t have to pack the whole carton (though there’s no harm in doing so).
  • And we really like hearing this beefy guy with the goatee and the UFC t-shirt repeatedly using the term ‘fluff it up’.

We cut to the good part up above. You can check out Part 1 to see how trucker Billy wraps his flat screen before he packs it into his custom carton.

We realize that some of you may not have pillow-top mattress cartons lying around. But if the need ever arises, you can first check in with that big van line agency you’ve made friends with (ahem) and snag one from them. Then cut it down to flat screen size for your impressed and (very) appreciative customer.


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