HireAHelper Now Has Mobile Friendly Helper Accounts


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New Responsive Helper Accounts

Welcome to a new era at HireAHelper.

Okay, maybe just the modern era. But it’s still pretty amazing.

HireAHelper is thrilled to announce that helper accounts are now completely mobile friendly. You’ve asked for ages, and now these new features are here for easy management of your orders anywhere you go. This is a huge step towards being able to run your entire business on HireAHelper. But there’s more! Much of your helper account has gotten a facelift and we’ve added some shockingly awesome, new pages. Check out all the new features:

Rebuilt Helper Accounts for Mobile

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No more frustrating pinching and zooming! Got a new job request while you’re on-site? Now accept or reject with your phone or tablet! (Not that you would ever reject, of course.) Need to reference some customer info or change your availability on the fly? All of that is easier than ever before. Need to catch a Pokemon? Sorry, can’t help you there.

New Orders Page with Search Function


All your HireAHelper orders are now displayed in a simple list under the brand new Orders page. I know what you’re thinking: “A simple list of all of our orders past, present and future? What took you guys nine years?” Well, better late than never, right? There’s also a sleek, new search function where you can search orders by Customer Name, Order ID and more. Hallelujah!

New “Agenda View” for Scheduling and Availability

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Agenda view is a brand new option for your HireAHelper calendar to make referencing your jobs easier, no matter where you are. You can see a line up of all your day’s jobs by hour and quickly reference customer addresses, phone numbers and any other job details you might need. Plus, quickly block and unblock days, or make “Availability Notes” to keep your availability up-to-the-moment accurate…all from the palm of your hand!

Schedule and Track Non-HireAHelper Jobs Easier Than Ever Before!

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Now it’s even simpler to keep track of all your non-HireAHelper orders. We’ve added more fields like start times, addresses and referrer details, so you can easily find all the notes you’ll want later. Scheduling all of your jobs from a single place is finally a reality – no more cross referencing between multiple programs, calendars and pen-and-paper!

Plus, check out these other updates:

  • “Profile” page is now under “Account”
  • “Coverage Level” is a new page under “Account” that has info on your HireAHelper coverage levels
  • “Locations” page has moved under “Profile”
  • “Upcoming” tab (which we launched a few months ago and shows your upcoming HireAHelper orders for the next two days) has been updated with collapsed previews of orders so you can see more at a glance
  • “Recent Customer Reviews” have been moved from the Dashboard to the new Reviews page

You’ll also notice an updated and streamlined menu, and an all around faster (and easier) experience. With HireAHelper in your pocket, your business will be on site and ready to go, just like you are. We told you this was pretty amazing.


Add a HireAHelper bookmark to your homescreen!

Although we don’t have a HireAHelper app available (yet), you can create an app icon on your iPhone or Android home screen for easy access to your account. Just follow these links for instructions:

  • iPhone
  • Android (Typically, this is any smartphone that’s not an iPhone)

Don’t Try to Beat the Heat: Tools for Knowing When it’s too Hot to Work


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[Synopsis: We have to work, no matter the heat. Let’s just make sure we don’t get beat by it.]

In our industry, business is busiest when the heat is hottest. Yes, the crazy days of summer are coming fast, and it is time once again to put it in high gear.

But as our days fill up and our crews are stretched to the limit, let’s not forget that even superhumans like us are still human. Even while we tell ourselves to keep cranking no matter what the thermometer says, our bodies can only put up with so much. If we don’t pause to take care of our bodies we can lose a lot more than a few minutes of daylight.

As the Omaha World-Herald reported in August of last year, a moving company employee who was packing and loading boxes inside a truck on a day with a heat index of 112 suffered a heat stroke and, though transported to a local hospital, died that same day.

“If you’re working in those extreme triple digits, you’ve got to train your workers to recognize the symptoms of heat stroke and seek immediate medical attention,” said Darwin Craig of the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

In this article WebMD covers symptoms, treatment, risk factors and prevention as related to heat stroke. They also give information for recognizing and treating heat exhaustion.

There is also an app provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Association called the Heat Safety Tool, which provides the heat index and risk level of any given work site. It’s a free download for both Android and IOS, and is available here.

We’ve all been out there, sweating it up in the heat, kicking butt without thinking of slowing down until the job is done. But hey, that sun and that heat don’t care how strong and determined we are. So let’s take this issue seriously so we can all get our jobs done safely.


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